Interactive Crystal/Molecular Structures: Modelling & Diffraction

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CrystalMaker 10.4


CrystalMaker 10.4

Crystal & Molecular Modelling

CrystalMaker X volumetric visualization

CrystalDiffract 6.8

Interactive Powder Diffraction

CrystalDiffract: Your desktop diffractometer

SingleCrystal 3.1

Single-Crystal Diffraction Tools

New SingleCrystal 2: explore diffraction space

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Welcome to CrystalMaker Software: We design innovative software for research & teaching in chemistry, solid-state physics, materials science, mineralogy and crystallography. Use our products to:-

  • Build, display & manipulate all kinds of crystal and molecular structures.
  • Design new materials and relax their structures.
  • Animate structural behaviour; generate video for teaching or presentations.
  • 3D Print models; create rotatable 3D models for iPhone, iPad.
  • Simulate diffraction properties for powders and single crystals.

Crystallography without the pain: Featuring an easy drag-and-drop workflow, our software maximizes your productivity and empowers you to explore the crystalline world. LEARN MORE...

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