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ACS Spring Meeting 2018

See us in New Orleans

American Chemical Society, Spring Meeting

13 March 2018

We shall be exhibiting at the American Chemical Society's Spring national meeting, in colourful New Orleans. Come and visit us in the main exhibition hall We will be in a high-profile location, Booth 511, close to the front of the exhibits hall. Show hours are:-.

Sunday, 18 March:6 pm - 8:30 pm
Monday, 19 March:9 am - 5 pm
Tuesday, 20 March:9 am - 5 pm
MRS Spring Meeting 2018

See us in Phoenix

Materials Research Society, Spring Meeting

13 March 2018

We shall be returning to the Materials Research Society for their Spring National Meeting in Phoenix. Come and visit us in Exhibition Hall C, North Building, 300 Level. Our booth is 307, which is in a prominent corner location near the central posters. Show hours are very different this year:-.

Tuesday, 3 April:2 pm - 7 pm
Wednesday, 4 April:2 pm - 7 pm
Thursday, 5 April:2 pm - 7 pm

CrystalMaker Workshop in Phoenix

We will be giving a CrystalMaker workshop at the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, on the afternoon of Monday 2 April. The workshop is open to anyone at ASU (or any other MRS delegates for that matter)—and is being organised through the Materials Department. The afternoon will include a talk, questions and, we hope, some hands-on experience with using the software. The venue is room ECB 142 (Materials Undergraduate Lab).

Recent News
CrystalMaker X User's Guide

Printed User's Guides

Deluxe, Colour-Printed Guides Now Available for Purchase

15 March 2018

We include full user's guides with all our products—these are in searchable PDF format, and can be accessed via each application's Help menu. However, many users prefer printed documentation. There's nothing like the tactile sensation of thumbing through real printed pages—and now you can do this for all our software products...

So instead of wasting precious printer ink or toner, why not order a professionally printed-and-bound book? Our printed guides are the correct size, use full-colour printing, have lovely matte laminated covers—and are perfect bound for durability. The new guides include:

  • CrystalMaker 10.2 (360 pages)
  • CrystalDiffract 6.7 (136 pages)
  • SingleCrystal 3.1 (110 pages)

You can order these books with a credit card, through our online store. Prices start from just $30 (SingleCrystal or CrystalDiffract) - including shipping worldwide!

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CrystalMaker 10.2

60+ New Features • Iso-Surfaces • Haptic Feedback

22 February 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availablity of CrystalMaker 10.2: our biggest update ever! Sporting over 60 major new features, this is the kind of update most companies would charge their customers for. Not us: it's free to all registered CrystalMaker X customers! Key new features include:

  • Powerful new volumetric visualization includes iso-surfaces, iso-lines, more colour choices, smoother rendering, inline list controls plus histogram previews with real-time (and coloured!) range sliders.

  • Support for 3ED volumetric datasets.

  • Streamlined Inspector with tabbed interface, new Volume Inspector, greater discoverability.

  • Four new sphere types, including "fuzzy" spheres, and "pie-chart" spheres with translucency.

  • Powerful library search with Scope Bar and chemical formula search.

  • Expanded, consolidated, enhanced structures library.

  • Haptic feedback for Mac users with force-touch trackpads: feel the structure you are measuring!

  • Live Bond Angle and Distance measurements (no clicking required)

  • Advanced control over polyhedral face generation (hint: it's automatic, but you can tweak the parameters)

  • Variable-translucency atom spheres.

  • New 360-page user's guide, updated tutorials and brand new Quick Tour videos.

CrystalMaker X version 10.2 is a free update to registered CrystalMaker X users. We strongly recommend that all eligible users update their software today: this is a highly-substantial release which also includes a number of bug fixes. Learn More: Mac Release Notes | Windows Release Notes | Download. Note: If you are using CrystalMaker 9 or earlier, you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use CrystalMaker X!

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SingleCrystal 3.1

Major Update Brings Easier Auto-Indexing, Miller-Bravais Indices

1 February 2018

Our first major update of the New Year brings SingleCrystal up to version 3.1. Key new features include the option of Miller-Bravais (four-index) notation for trigonal or hexagonal crystals, plus the ability to quickly add symmetry-related poles to the stereogram.

Auto-indexing an observed TEM diffraction pattern has been made much easier in this release: the picture scale can now be specified using reciprocal units (dimensions, resolution and/or pixel size). Picture dimensions can be freely adjusted by clicking-and-dragging with the mouse (hold down the shift and command (Mac) or control (Windows) keys, then click-and-drag up or down the screen).

Following popular demand, you can now browse through different fit results, using a new Fit Results submenu, or via keyboard shortcuts. Finally, you can rapidly change the view direction by double-clicking on a stereogram pole.

SingleCrystal 3.1 is a free update to registered SingleCrystal 3 users. Learn More: Mac Release Notes | Windows Release Notes | Download

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