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CrystalMaker 10.4

Our Biggest Update Ever

17 January 2019

To celebrate CrystalMaker's 25th anniversary year, we are pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of CrystalMaker 10.4: the biggest update we've ever released ("version 10.6" might be a more appropriate title).

Boasting over 60 new features, 100 new structures (including over 70 new minerals), CrystalMaker 10.4 has something for everyone! Whether it's the gorgeous new "Dark Mode" for Mac users, the sophisticated new modelling engine for molecular chemists, the Live Powder Diffraction mode for physicists, or the Interpolate Structures command for crystallographers, CrystalMaker 10.4 is packed with great new stuff! So much is new that we've decided to summarize the top 10 features for you:-

For a fully-comprehensive listing of absolutely everything that's changed, see the release notes.

CrystalMaker 10.4 is available as a free update to registered CrystalMaker X customers only; if you are using a demo version, an unlicensed version - or an earlier version - you must purchase the appropriate licence.

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CrystalDiffract 6.8

Major Update Released

16 January 2019

We are delighted to announce the release and immediate availability of CrystalDiffract 6.8: a major update to our powder diffraction software.

CrystalDiffract 6.8 is designed to work with the latest operating systems, and now features "Dark Mode" support for macOS 10.14 "Mojave". CrystalDiffract also works seamlessly with our award-winning CrystalMaker program - new features include support for the "Live Powder Diffraction" mode in CrystalMaker 10.4, which allows real-time updates to a displayed powder diffraction pattern as its crystal structure is edited (in CrystalMaker), as well as supporting that program's new "Add" and "Replace" diffraction pattern commands.

The CrystalDiffract user interface has been extensively updated in this release, with new toolbar icons, haptic feedback (Mac) - and new, "spring-loaded" sliding sidebars: you can now hide your Patterns List, Reflexions List and Inspector sidebars and have them slide into view when you move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen; the sidebars will then slide out of your way when not required: a great way to save on limited screen space!

CrystalDiffract 6.8 is available as a free update to registered CrystalDiffract 6.x customers only; if you are using a demo version, an unlicensed version - or an earlier version - you must purchase the appropriate licence.

Recent News
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CrystalMaker Workshop in Boston

MRS Fall Meeting 2018

6 December 2018

CrystalMaker took over the stage at the Material Research Society's Fall Meeting on Wednesday 28 November, when Managing Director Dr David Palmer led an exhibitor workshop entitled: "Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Exploring the Nano-Scale World with CrystalMaker X". This was designed to show how users can maximize their productivity using CrystalMaker X.

Massachusetts State House, Boston - image © David Palmer

Exhibition in Boston

MRS Fall Meeting 2018

6 December 2018

We exhibited at the Material Research Society's Fall National Exposition, held at the Hynes Convention Center from Tuesday 27 through Thursday 29 November.

We were pleased to meet so many existing and new customers - thanks to all for visited our booth. For those who were interested, we were demonstrating the Leap Motion 3D Controller in with CrystalMaker, which lets you rotate and scale structures with hand gestures - and is an ideal partner for our immersive 3D visualization.

Video Tutorials

CrystalMaker X Video Tutorials

Brand-New Audio-Visual Training Videos

4 July 2018

A new series of training videos is underway. We have uploaded the first eight of these - providing well over an hour of audio-visual training. The videos covering the basics of the CrystalMaker user interface, navigating the library browser, building a new structure from scratch, customizing atomic radii and element tables, placing a molecule onto a crystal surface, generating a supercell with the placed molecule, and creating an animation.

Designed to complement the existing "Quick Tours", these Video Tutorials are far more detailed and designed to be easier to follow along. We hope you find them useful!

CrystalMaker X User's Guide

Printed User's Guides

Deluxe, Colour-Printed Guides Now Available for Purchase

15 March 2018

We include full user's guides with all our products—these are in searchable PDF format, and can be accessed via each application's Help menu. However, many users prefer printed documentation. There's nothing like the tactile sensation of thumbing through real printed pages—and now you can do this for all our software products...

So instead of wasting precious printer ink or toner, why not order a professionally printed-and-bound book? Our printed guides are the correct size, use full-colour printing, have lovely matte laminated covers—and are perfect bound for durability. The new guides include:

  • CrystalMaker 10 (360 pages)
  • CrystalDiffract 6 (136 pages)
  • SingleCrystal 3 (110 pages)

You can order these books with a credit card, through our online store. Prices start from just $30 (SingleCrystal or CrystalDiffract) - including shipping worldwide!

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