17 March 2015

It's a long time since our last newsletter, but we thought you might be interested to hear some of our latest news — plus a few tips to help you work more productively.

See us in Denver and San Francisco

Visit us at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition in Denver, Colorado, between 22-24 March. Find us at booth 233 and ask about our very-latest software and innovations. We will be showcasing an exciting new development!

Alternatively, come visit us in San Francisco during the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition on 7-8 April. We will be in our usual location, booth 329, on the main aisle at the rear of hall close to the Materials Town Square.

Tip: Molecule Builder

You can create new molecules in CrystalMaker 9 using the new Add Atom tool, choosing different atom types from its Atom Picker palette. Click in the Graphics window to add a new atom - or shift-click to add a bond from the previously-added atom.

Once you've built your new molecule, you can add H atoms automatically using the Transform > Add Hydrogens command, and you can optimize the resulting geometry using the Transform > Relax Molecule command.

Product Updates

We have released free updates to most of our current products:-

Updates include workarounds for Apple bugs on OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" — including an elegant workaround for COLLADA 3D issues in the latest iBooks Author.

Tip: 3D Printing

Want to create spectacular 3D printed models of your structures? Use CrystalMaker's File > Export > COLLADA 3D File command to create a self-contained 3D model. This can be viewed in most 3D graphics programs, including the free Blender application. Some printers use proprietary 3D formats, so you can use Blender to convert your CrystalMaker-authored COLLADA file to whatever format your printer requires.

Order Online and Save

If you're using older, unsupported versions of our software, please consider upgrading: you'll benefit from great new features, slick new interfaces, improved compatibility with the latest operating systems - and will be able to resume receiving free support and updates. Learn more about the great new features in CrystalMaker 9 and CrystalDiffract 6 for Mac and Windows.

If you order your upgrades online, you'll also benefit from our web discount which increases the more products you order (from 5% to 20%).

Tip: Synchronize Multiple Structures

Do you often work with multiple structures? Do you need to apply a consistent set of model and rendering settings, scale, view direction, etc.? With CrystalMaker's Synchronize command (Window > Synchronize) it's a breeze...

  1. Load your multiple structures into the same window by dragging-and-dropping them into the Graphics pane. Each structure is displayed as a thumbnail in the Views pane of the Overview window.
  2. Edit one structure to get the settings you like.
  3. Use the Synchronize command to apply these to the remaining structures.

Printed CrystalMaker User's Guide: Just $49 with FREE Shipping!

With the release of CrystalMaker 9 and its new modelling and crystal-engineering features, we think the time is right to re-invent quality printed documentation. We are therefore delighted to offer you a deluxe printed edition of the CrystalMaker 9 User's Guide for just $49, with FREE shipping worldwide!

This lavishly-illustrated volume, printed in full colour, has been extensively rewritten for version 9 and is printed on high-quality paper, perfect bound, with a smooth matte-laminated cover: an ideal companion for your desktop (literally!).

To order your copy, please visit our web store (this is an online exclusive). You will see the CrystalMaker 9 User's Guide listed under "Extras", below the CrystalMaker order links.

Tip: CrystalMaker Models on Your iPad

Did you know that you can have all of your crystal or molecular structures on your iPad, in gorgeous rendered detail - and with full rotation?

CrystalMaker 9 lets you export self-contained, 3D models in the native 3D format used by Apple's iBooks application. You can simply drag-and-drop any CrystalMaker-authored COLLADA 3D model into Apple's free iBooks Author application, then connect your iPad and hit the Preview button. Your new book with 3D model(s) is displayed on your iPad and you can rotate the model freely. A great way to share your structures! (See Chapter 9: Graphics Output in the CrystalMaker User's Guide for more details.)

OS X "Yosemite"

For those of you using Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite", we recently discovered an issue with iBooks Author which prevented our beautiful 3D COLLADA models from working correctly. Apple have acknowledged this issue, but were unable to commit to fixing the problem before the Summer. We have therefore devised a workaround in CrystalMaker 9.1.3 for Mac which again allows you to drag-and-drop your 3D models directly into iBooks Author for interative display in iBooks on Mac and iPad.

A second bug concerns multi-touch. Both CrystalMaker 9 and SingleCrystal 2.3 offer multi-touch control over scale and crystal orientation. This has worked flawlessly until OS X 10.10.2 - where an earlier bug (which we reported for the "Yosemite" developer preview) has resurfaced. We have flagged this with Apple and are hoping it will be fixed in 10.10.3.

Tip: Process Multiple Views in One Step

The Overview Window's Actions menu provides a series of "batch" commands letting you create animations, save movies, save all Views, or export graphics for every View.

New Staff / We're Hiring

In the past year we've recruited a computer graphics engineer, Dr. Louis Parsonson to join our team. Louis will be working to supercharge our graphics capabilities in current and future applications - as well as overseeing product engineering, primarily on the Windows platform.

Also new is Dr. Leila Rimmer, who is working on computational materials modelling. The first fruit of Leila's work is in the Relax Molecule and Add Hydrogens commands — but there are exciting new developments to come.

Finally, we are looking for a new Windows C# .NET programmer to join our team — so if you know anyone who is interested, please direct them to our careers site (applicants must satisfy UK residency and employment requirements).

Tip: Free CrystalViewer for Students

If you need to share structures with students (or colleagues), our free CrystalViewer application is available. In addition to its built-in library of 120 structures, CrystalViewer can read from any CrystalMaker 9 binary file.

Sorry, CrystalViewer does not and will not read from older CrystalMaker files or external file formats; please use CrystalMaker for these files.

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