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Legacy software is included here as a service to our customers. This software is now unsupported - use at your own risk. Please ensure that you keep backups of any licensed software as we cannot guarantee that this software will remain on our website in theh long term.

CrystalDiffract 6.5 for Windows

Windows XP Logo

Legacy Support for 32-bit Windows XP

Download CrystalDiffract 6.5.5 for Win XP (32-bit)

Scam Alert. Websites claiming to offer full downloads for CrystalDiffract are scams! We don't authorize any third parties to distribute our software, and there is a high likelihood that stolen, hacked or malicious software is being offered. Please note that we are able to track illegal use of our software, so don't risk your computer system or your reputation (or that of your organisation).

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