CrystalMaker Cracked Version?

Please don't steal our software - it isn't cool and you may get in serious trouble

The internet is rife with criminal websites claiming to offer "free", "unlocked", "cracked" or "hacked" versions of commercial software packages - some of them with so-called licence-key generators ("keygen"). None of these are authorised by us: using such software is stealing - and it is seriously uncool. Not only is this illegal, but in our experience many of these websites are dangerous for your computer. They contain malware, may install viruses, send spam - and some of them will attempt to steal your identity.

Furthermore, by using stolen software you will violate your internet service agreements with your provider, university or other institution - which could place your career in jeopardy. (And since many of you will end up working in the "Knowledge Economy", how can you expect anyone to pay your future salary if you don't respect other people's intellectual property?)

Please be advised that all our software includes anti-piracy measures which allows us to detect and monitor illegal use. We will not hesitate to report illegal use to the authorities. This has already resulted in action being taken against a large number of individuals - many of them being students - who have faced disciplinary action from their universities and have been required to pay for a legitimate licence. Note that we also reserve the right to permanently block offenders from our web services.

Why waste time trying to find stolen software when you can have a legitimate licence for so little money?

We offer very-low-cost education licences including student licences for just $99. All our legitimate customers are entitled to genuine software, including free updates for the lifetime of their product - plus first-class technical support at no additional charge.

Crack Checklist:

  1. Check whether your institution already has a site licence for this software - many universities do!
  2. If your university doesn't have a site licence, check to see if your group has a group licence. Ask your supervisor if you can be part of that group.
  3. If there aren't any site or group licences available, ask your supervisor to buy a group licence, which would cover use by yourself and colleagues.
  4. In the unlikely event that your institution is not prepared to invest in your career or support your work, you can buy a student licence from just $99.

Please show your support for quality, independent software, by purchasing a legitimate licence!

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