Pure Visualization.

CrystalViewer™ lets you share your latest CrystalMaker® files with other Mac or Windows users. An ideal way to share research findings, empower students, and inspire learning. Learn more...

What is CrystalViewer?

CrystalViewer™ is a free program for visualizing any crystal or molecular structure. It is designed to work seamlessly with CrystalMaker 9 for Mac or Windows, offering the same, advanced graphics with easy control, display, and measurement of distances and angles.

Use the Leap Motion Controller to rotate and scale your structures with simple hand gestures!

Who is this for?

Students, ideally - preferably school children or undergraduates. The software provides a simple way to visualize existing structures, without a complicated user interface or complex features. A library of over 120 structures is included with the program!

CrystalViewer is aimed at students, for use on their personal machines. Professional educators should purchase a CrystalMaker licence, which will also enable them to author models for use with CrystalViewer.

It's Experimental!

This is experimental software! We wish to broaden the appeal of our software, both as a service to our existing customers, and in the hope that this will help to increase interest in CrystalMaker as an authoring, teaching or research tool.

We're keen to hear your feedback and experiences in using this product.

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