A Better CrystalViewer

CrystalViewer has been Integrated into CrystalMaker X

After many years supporting a free standalone "CrystalViewer", we have now integrated the features into our award-winning CrystalMaker X. We encourage institutional users (including those fee-charging institutions who took advantage of our free software) to purchase an annual site licence, thereby helping to return value back to students — and providing a fair contribution towards our ongoing research and development costs.

Introducing CrystalMaker X's Integrated Library

CrystalViewer was based on our legacy CrystalMaker 9: a 32-bit application that does not run on the latest macOS "Catalina". Now we have bundled the "CrystalViewer" functionality into a gorgeous Library Browser and Viewer that works out-of-the-box with our spectactular new 64-bit CrystalMaker X. This provides a quick and easy way to browse over 1200 structures - labelled, annotated with metadata, thumbnails and rotatable previews. Take advantage of powerful search and flexible browsing to quickly find the structures you need.

Bonus Libraries Included. In addition to our standard Reference Library, we include additional libraries for dedicated teaching and general interest:-

  • Teaching Library. This includes crystal-chemical "type" structures (e.g., close packing, sodium chloride, würtzite, zinc blende, diamond, graphite, etc.), lattice types, crystal structures of the elements - and "Structural Architecture": a series of multi-structure documents that provide step-by-step descriptions of complex structures such as zeolites, superconductors, ZIFs, etc.

  • Thematic Library. This is designed for general interest and includes crystal structures related to topical themes such as environment, energy storage, food, agriculture, mining - and even art (natural and synthetic pigments). There's something in there for everyone!

The Library Browser showing examples files

CrystalMaker's integrated Library window provides an album-like interface for a vast treasury of crystal & molecular structures.

The Library Browser showing silicate minerals in 'flat' view

The library includes over 400 rock-forming minerals: indexed, annotated - and ready for instant display. The minerals are grouped into "Silicates" and "Non-Silicates", and further subdivided by structural motif (silicate polymerization) or chemical composition (non-silicate minerals). Minerals can be viewed by group or, as is the case here, shown in a "flat view" for fast browsing.

The Library window's 'Viewer' mode, showing a rotatable crystal structure and notes

Users can rotate and zoom structures directly in the Library's Viewer mode, without having to display the full CrystalMaker document interface.

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