Crystal Libraries

Free structures to go with our software.

CrystalMaker X includes an integrated library of 1000+ annotated, previewed and searchable structures. This includes over 300 mineral structures - the major rock-forming minerals - plus organic and inorganic structures of technological importance.

As a bonus, we include additional structures here, grouped into separate libraries with a brief description on the following web pages. These structures are saved in CrystalMaker's powerful binary format, which includes all structural and display settings, bonds, polyhedra and notes - ready for immediate display.

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Silica Polymorphs

The same chemical formula - but very different structures. Meet the silica family...

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Proteins Selection

Sample protein structures, including transferase, hydrolase and some DNA complexes.

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Periodic Tables

See how atomic, ionic, covalent and Van-der-Waals radii vary across the Periodic Table.

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Over 12 000 chalcogenides, pnictides, intermetallics, alloys and other inorganic structures.

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Find a Crystal

Still can't find your structure? We provide links to two excellent free databases.

Viewing Crystals

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CrystalMaker files can be displayed, manipulated, and printed, using CrystalMaker X, or our free CrystalViewer 9. You can also simulate powder and single-crystal diffraction patterns for the crystal files in the libraries, using our CrystalDiffract 6 and SingleCrystal 3 programs, respectively.

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