Introducing SingleCrystal 4

SingleCrystal 4 is an all-new, 64-bit multi-core application, designed to take full advantage of the very-latest macOS, "Catalina". Featuring gorgeous "Retina" graphics and haptic feedback, SingleCrystal 4 empowers you to process complex diffraction simulations, visualizing multi-phase relationships, as well as getting more out of your experimental data - with enhanced screen tools and auto-indexing.

Not using Catalina? Use our existing SingleCrystal 3 program for Mac and Windows.

What's New in SingleCrystal 4?
  • All-new, 64-bit "Cocoa" application (Mac).
  • Multi-pattern simulations.
  • Powder diffraction rings.
  • Kikuchi Lines.
  • Real-time parameter control.
  • Live Intensity Mode (with CrystalMaker 10.5).
  • Create new simulations from scratch.
  • Full Preferences control, via a dedicated panel.
  • Fully-customizable stereogram, with Inspector.
  • Advanced graphics display for observed data: gradients, transparency, threshold control.
  • Live Profile tool: display cross-sections of diffraction patterns.
  • Searchable Reflexions List, integrated into document window.
  • Scale bar (fully customizable, with Inspector).
  • Improved Grid: easier to position and control.
  • Touch Bar interface (Mac): rotation dials and scaling controls.
  • Haptic feedback (Mac): feel your reflexions!
  • Dark Mode (Mac).
  • Supports "Spaces" and "Full-Screen Mode" (Mac).
  • Quick Look plug-in for Finder thumbnails and file previews.
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Ready for Catalina

SingleCrystal was first released some 15 years ago, not long after Mac OS X came out. We've progressively updated and refined the application since then - version 1.3 received an Apple Design Award - adding new features, streamlining the interface, adding measurement tools, auto indexing - and boosting performance via multi threading.

Now, with Apple's release of macOS 10.5 "Catalina", 32-bit applications - such as SingleCrystal 3 - will no longer run. If that were not bad enough, Apple has continued to "burn its bridges" by dropping support for the "Carbon" architecture, which was used for most traditional Mac applications on Mac OS X (including all our own software). As with CrystalMaker X and CrystalDiffract 6 before it, we've been forced to completely rewrite the application - from scratch - literally starting from a blank computer screen...

Not to be daunted, we've taken the opportunity of a complete rewrite to redesign the application, from the ground up, to provide a vastly-more flexible, multi-pattern workflow - with more powerful tools - all presented in a sleek, modern interface. This all-new, 64-bit application (written using Apple's native "Cocoa" framework) takes full advantage of new system features including "Dark Mode", "Spaces", "Haptic Feedback", "Quick Look" and more...

Public Beta

There are so many more features we'd love to add. But time is running out, and we know many of you will want to install "Catalina" on your Macs. Rather than delay further, we've decided to make a FREE Public Beta version of SingleCrystal 4 available for the next few months, prior to the full commercial release of SingleCrystal 4 (which will be a paid upgrade for existing customers).

During the next few months, Mac users (and, eventually, we hope, Windows users) will be able to try out - and comment on - the new features and interface design, as well as engaging in a dialogue on potential new features. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Enrolling in the Beta Programme

Get started by sending us your details and confirming that you will abide by the terms of our standard software licensing agreement:-

Your name:
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E-mail address:
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I have read and agree to the terms of the CrystalMaker Software Ltd software licensing agreement.

Priority will be given to existing, licensed users of SingleCrystal 3. We reserve the right to exclude individuals from this Public Beta Programme - in particular, anyone suspected of hacking, or other malicious activity. Furthermore, our legal agreements with Apple and Microsoft prevent us from offering our software to certain countries, including Iran and North Korea.

Please be aware that, whilst the Public Beta is supplied free of charge, the software will auto-expire by 1 January 2020 (by which time either a newer Public Beta will be underway, or a full commercial release will have taken place). As with all our commercial software, upgrade charges may apply to existing users.

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