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News Archive 2022

Exhibition in Chicago (again)

6 September 2022

Following our earlier foray to "The Windy City" in March, we recently returned to Chicago for a second conference: the American Chemical Society's Fall National Exposition - held, once again, at the vast McCormick Place Convention Center (the world's biggest, apparently).

Unlike March's arctic blasts off Lake Michigan, August's weather was was warm and humid, with the occasional torrential downpour. The sunnier days were spent exhibiting, and it was a pleasure to meet so many new faces - in person. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Exhibition in Portland

8 August 2022

CrystalMaker Software Ltd made its first appearance at the "M&M" meeting, previewing exciting new software at the Portland Convention Center, in the Pacific North West. The meeting started with a heatwave, but all was cool in the exhibition hall, where we were able to meet many existing users and showcase the synergy between our visualization and diffraction simulation software.

Exhibition in Hawai'i

17 May 2022

We were delighted to exhibit our software at the Materials Research Society's Spring meeting in Honolulu. The exhibition started with an evening event on Monday 9 May and ended after lunch on Wednesday 11 May. This was a fascinating event that brought in delegates from various Pacific Rim societies, leading to a successful fusion of good science, blended with Hawaiian warmth and cheer. Thanks to everyone - new, existing and potential customers - who visited our booth!

Exhibition in San Diego

1 March 2022

Our intrepid exhibition team crossed the continent from frigid Chicago to warm, sunny San Diego. We had a prominent booth on the main aisle of the exhibits hall and were open from Monday 21 through to Wednesday 23 March. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed a bit of sunshine on the rooftop terrace to visit us in the dark depths of the exhibition hall!

Exhibition in Chicago

1 March 2022

We braved Chicago's frigid temperatures and bitter wind to exhibit at the American Physical Society's March Meeting. The exhibition was located in the McCormick Place convention centre, in the South Loop neighbourhood of Chicago, and ran from Monday 14 through to Thursday 18 March.

News Archive 2021

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting 2021

8 December 2021

After a two-year break from in-person expositions (and after the debacle of EU-imposed travel restrictions on the IUCr convention), we were delighted to participate in person at the MRS Fall Meeting.

We exhibited at Booth 709 in Hall C of the Hynes Convention Center - in the heart of Boston's elegant Back Bay district. This was a smaller, more-intimate meeting than in previous years, but we still had a full team this year and were able to preview the new CrystalMaker 10.7 with its powerful Pair Distribution Functions, as well as the many other new features introduced since our last visit to Boston two years ago.

CrystalMaker 10.7

8 December 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of a major new software update, CrystalMaker 10.7: our 39th free update to this program in four years. This new version focuses on the Distance Explorer, but we've also added a handy new "Sync" toolbar button - and substantially revised our online help & User's Guide.

The Distance Explorer has a sleek new design, with an elegant button bar replacing the former "Inspector" pane, and an always-visible Sidebar offering easy customization of distance searches. The Mac version uses Apple's new "integrated" toolbar design and features a tabbed selector button to switch between a conventional distance display, and a new Pair Distribution Function capability... Video

CrystalMaker can now calculate full x-ray and neutron pair distribution functions - D ( r ) - as well as "partial" P.D.F.s - gmn( r ) - for specific element pairs. CrystalMaker will automatically generate the requisite range of atoms and ensure that all potential element pair combinations are searched (including "duplicate" pairs such as A → B and B → A, as required under the definition of the PDF).

A new Sync button can be added to the toolbar via the Customize Toolbar command. Clicking this button brings up the usual Synchronize sheet, but holding down the shift key bypasses the sheet and allow you to quickly apply the last-set options to all structures in your document. If you regularly find yourself making changes to sequences and needing to re-synchronize, this shift-click technique should prove convenient.

CrystalMaker 10.7 is a free update for all licensed CrystalMaker X users and can be downloaded directly from the product download page.

Printed User's Guides

26 October 2021

We include full user's guides with all our products—these are in searchable PDF format, and can be accessed via each application's Help menu. However, many users prefer printed documentation. There's nothing like the tactile sensation of thumbing through real printed pages—and now you can do this for all our software products...

So instead of wasting precious printer ink or toner, why not order a professionally printed-and-bound book? Our printed guides are the correct size, use full-colour printing, have lovely matte laminated covers—and are perfect bound for durability. The new guides include:

  • CrystalMaker 10 (360 pages)
  • CrystalDiffract 6 (136 pages)
  • SingleCrystal 4 (200 pages)

You can order these books with a credit card, through our online store. Prices start from just $30 (SingleCrystal or CrystalDiffract) - including shipping worldwide!

We Support Monterey!

26 October 2021

We are pleased to confirm that all our latest software runs seamlessly on macOS 12 "Monterey".

Our 64-bit Mac programs are designed to support the widest range of Mac operating systems, from "Sierra" (10.12), through "High Sierra", "Mojave", "Catalina", "Big Sur" and on to "Monterey".

Not only does our Mac software run on the latest operating systems, it runs natively: all our programs - CrystalMaker X, CrystalDiffract 6, SingleCrystal 4 and CrystalViewer 11 - are UNIVERSAL BINARY applications: containing both Intel and ARM code to support the widest range of Macs with older Intel processors and the newer Apple Silicon (M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max) designs.

International Union of Crystallography, 2021

15 August 2021

For the past two years we have been a sponsor of the International Union of Crystallography's 25th meeting. Originally scheduled for last year and postponed because of the pandemic, the event is finally in progress - albeit on a much-smaller scale.

Frustratingly, whilst Czech citizens resident in the UK can travel to Prague, British citizens based in the UK are banned from entry. Consequently, the entire IUCr staff (based here in England) have been prevented from entering their own meeting - and we, at CrystalMaker Software Ltd, have had to cancel all our travel arrangements and abandon the physical exhibition booth we'd booked two years ago.

Not to be deterred by petty politics, we have designed and set up a 3D Virtual booth, which curious onlookers can explore. We have also added some new videos to our collection, including a company overview, a gallery of rotating structures, animations and a 3D Theatre (somewhat compromised by video compression, alas). We wish the organisers and delegates the very best - and look forward to the time when we can all meet up in person.

CrystalViewer 11

1 January 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new teaching program, designed to introduce students of all ages to nano-scale structures of crystals and molecules. CrystalViewer 11 is designed around a "photo-album" browser interface, with a comprehensive collection of crystal & molecular structures organised by structure/composition, and with powerful search and indexing capabilities. Structures can be visualized in 3D, with interactive rotation, scaling and measurement. An optional Red/Blue stereo viewing mode brings structures "out of the screen" in high-resolution detail.

CrystalViewer - a version of which is also included with CrystalMaker, via that program's "Library Browser" interface - is an ideal teaching tool for university departments which don't already have a CrystalMaker Software site licence. We're providing low-cost departmental licences which allow the software to be installed on individual student machines, so they can "learn through play" in their own time, wherever they happen to be: ideal for "lockdown learning"! Learn More...

News Archive 2020

We Support Apple Silicon

8 December 2020

We are delighted to announce that all our current Mac software runs natively on the new Apple Silicon Macs. CrystalMaker 10.6 (released today), CrystalDiffract 6.9 (released last week) and SingleCrystal 4.1 (released two weeks ago) are all Universal Binaries - single applications which include native code for both Apple Silicon and Intel processors. All programs run natively on the new M1 (ARM-based) Apple Silicon processors, as well as on older Macs with legacy Intel processors.

These major new updates are available free-of-charge to registered customers - and include a host of other new features. Learn more about the changes in the release notes for CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal. Download the latest software from our Updates page.

SingleCrystal 4.0 - Now Shipping

30 March 2020

We are delighted to announce an all-new, 64-bit version of our award-winning "SingleCrystal" application.

SingleCrystal 4.0 for Mac and Windows provides advanced multi-phase diffraction simulations and powerful stereographic projections of planes, vectors and their traces. The fully-interactive design includes integrated inspectors for real-time parameter control, browsing lists of reflexions and multi-pattern control: ideal for simulating twinning, domain boundaries and the effects of impurities.

The Mac version is a genuine 100% native Mac "Cocoa" app. It works with "Catalina", with "Dark Mode", "Haptic Feedback" (feel your reflexions), "Quick Look" file previews and thumbnails, a dedicated Touch Bar interface, an integrated (and searchable) structures library - and much more. The Windows version is a true 64-bit native Windows ".NET" application that includes a File Explorer plug-in to provide file thumbnails and previews - right on your desktop. Learn More...

News Archive 2019

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting 2019

30 December 2019

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Fall meeting, held in the Hynes Convention Center in the heart of Boston's Back Bay district.

This week-long convention provided a two-and-a-half day exhibition time, during which we were able to exhibit our software to a wide range of delegates, spanning diverse fields from physics, chemistry, biology through to engineering. We enjoyed meeting so many existing and new customers - thanks to everyone who visited our booth!

We Support Catalina!

14 October 2019

Following today's release of the CrystalMaker 10.4.6 update, we are pleased to confirm that all our latest software runs seamless on macOS 10.15 "Catalina".

We write true, native, 64-bit Mac programs - so "Catalina" compatibility should be straighforward. However, a number of late graphics glitches in the final Catalina release required us to devise some workarounds - and these are provided in CrystalMaker 10.4.6 (posted today). Our other Catalina-ready software is: CrystalDiffract 6.8.3 and SingleCrystal 4.0 (Public Beta).

Chemical Society, Fall Meeting, San Diego

3 August 2019

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Fall National Exposition, held at the San Diego Convention in the last week of August.

The event began with a welcome reception on Sunday 25 August, which was well attended by many delegates and students. We were then able to demonstrate our latest software over two full days, ending at 4pm on Tuesday 27 August.

CrystalMaker Software Ltd Sponsors MSA Centennial

20 July 2019

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is delighted to sponsor the 100th birthday celebrations of the Mineralogical Society of America. A special two-day event took place at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, with talks, posters - and a CrystalMaker birthday video between sessions!

Given the history of our software - originally developed to bring crystal structures of minerals to life - it is entirely appropriate that we show our ongoing support to Mineralogy, and in particular to the MSA: the world's leading mineralogical society. Happy 100th, MSA!

CrystalMaker Masterclass at ASU

17 April 2019

Following the success of last year's workshop at ASU, we held a second CrystalMaker event at ASU this year. This was very-well attended and allowed us to share tips and workflows, as well as showcasing new features in CrystalMaker 10.4 such as "Live Powder Diffraction".

Exhibition in Phoenix

17 April 2019

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition, held in downtown Phoenix at the convention centre. Whilst conference numbers have continued to decline for this event, we were still able to meet many new customers and demonstrate our latest software.

Exhibition in Orlando

13 March 2019

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition, in Orlando, FL. The exhibition location was the Orange County Convention Center, close to Walt Disney World.

Exhibition in Boston

13 March 2019

We spent a busy few days at the American Physical Society's March Meeting last week, braving sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow, to exhibit our software.

This was our first time at this conference. The focus on solid-state physics matches well with our own software and we were kept busy throughout the show.

CrystalMaker 10.4

17 January 2019

To celebrate CrystalMaker's 25th anniversary year, we are pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of CrystalMaker 10.4: the biggest update we've ever released ("version 10.6" might be a more appropriate title).

Boasting over 60 new features, 100 new structures (including over 70 new minerals), CrystalMaker 10.4 has something for everyone! Whether it's the gorgeous new "Dark Mode" for Mac users, the sophisticated new modelling engine for molecular chemists, the Live Powder Diffraction mode for physicists, or the Interpolate Structures command for crystallographers, CrystalMaker 10.4 is packed with great new stuff! So much is new that we've decided to summarize the top 10 features for you:-

For a fully-comprehensive listing of absolutely everything that's changed, see the release notes.

CrystalMaker 10.4 is available as a free update to registered CrystalMaker X customers only; if you are using a demo version, an unlicensed version - or an earlier version - you must purchase the appropriate licence.

CrystalDiffract 6.8

16 January 2019

We are delighted to announce the release and immediate availability of CrystalDiffract 6.8: a major update to our powder diffraction software.

CrystalDiffract 6.8 is designed to work with the latest operating systems, and now features "Dark Mode" support for macOS 10.14 "Mojave". CrystalDiffract also works seamlessly with our award-winning CrystalMaker program - new features include support for the "Live Powder Diffraction" mode in CrystalMaker 10.4, which allows real-time updates to a displayed powder diffraction pattern as its crystal structure is edited (in CrystalMaker), as well as supporting that program's new "Add" and "Replace" diffraction pattern commands.

The CrystalDiffract user interface has been extensively updated in this release, with new toolbar icons, haptic feedback (Mac) - and new, "spring-loaded" sliding sidebars: you can now hide your Patterns List, Reflexions List and Inspector sidebars and have them slide into view when you move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen; the sidebars will then slide out of your way when not required: a great way to save on limited screen space!

CrystalDiffract 6.8 is available as a free update to registered CrystalDiffract 6.x customers only; if you are using a demo version, an unlicensed version - or an earlier version - you must purchase the appropriate licence.

News Archive 2018

CrystalMaker Workshop in Boston

6 December 2018

CrystalMaker took over the stage at the Material Research Society's Fall Meeting on Wednesday 28 November, when Managing Director Dr David Palmer led an exhibitor workshop entitled: "Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Exploring the Nano-Scale World with CrystalMaker X". This was designed to show how users can maximize their productivity using CrystalMaker X.

Exhibition in Boston

6 December 2018

We exhibited at the Material Research Society's Fall National Exposition, held at the Hynes Convention Center from Tuesday 27 through Thursday 29 November.

We were pleased to meet so many existing and new customers - thanks to all for visited our booth. For those who were interested, we were demonstrating the Leap Motion 3D Controller in with CrystalMaker, which lets you rotate and scale structures with hand gestures - and is an ideal partner for our immersive 3D visualization.

CrystalMaker Down Under!

19 September 2018

We were one of a select band of international exhibitors and sponsors at the International Mineralogical Association in Melbourne last month. This very-high profile event was held at the Eco-friendly Melbourne Convention Center, on the banks of the Yarra River, overlooking downtown Melbourne. We were able to engage with the world's leading mineralogists during a busy week from Monday 13 to Friday 17 August.

CrystalMaker is ideal for mineralogists - being originally created for mineralogy teaching: "shaking the dust" of mineral structures and letting students understand complexity via simpler, stylized building blocks. CrystalMaker X includes a stuctures library of over 1000 materials, including nearly 400 mineral structures!

CrystalMaker Visits Spain

19 September 2018

We were proud to be a premium, "Copper Sponsor", of the 31st European Crystallographic Meeting - held this year in the beautiful city of Oviedo in the picturesque Asturias region of Northern Spain.

The exhibition ran from 23 to 26 August in the spectacular - if controversial Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses (designed by the famous Santiago Calatrava). Two members of our team were present at the event and we were able to engage with a diverse range of crystallographers, mineralogists, chemists and biologists.

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is an associate member of the European Crystallographic Association - and was one of the most-important sponsors of this year's meeting.

CrystalMaker Video Tutorials

4 July 2018

A new series of training videos is underway. We have uploaded the first eight of these - providing well over an hour of audio-visual training. The videos covering the basics of the CrystalMaker user interface, navigating the library browser, building a new structure from scratch, customizing atomic radii and element tables, placing a molecule onto a crystal surface, generating a supercell with the placed molecule, and creating an animation.

Designed to complement the existing "Quick Tours", these Video Tutorials are far more detailed and designed to be easier to follow along. We hope you find them useful!

CrystalMaker 10.3 Update

2 July 2018

Almost one year to the day that we released our groundbreaking CrystalMaker X, we are please to announce the immediate availability of CrystalMaker 10.3: our biggest update - ever!

Boasting over 40 major new features, CrystalMaker 10.3 is a powerhouse of innovation. We've responded to the many requests suggested by our loyal users - and added many more features of our own. Key features of this release include:-

  • Cavity Finder
  • Accelerated Surface Drawing
  • Smoothed Iso-Surfaces
  • Surface & Distance Maps
  • Redesigned Vibrations Explorer
  • Ring Calculations
  • XSF/AXSF File Import
  • Rotate Quick Links
  • Enhanced Thermal Ellipsoid Workflow
  • Improved Memory Performance
  • Faster Graphics
  • ...and much more...

Exhibition in Strasbourg

29 June 2018

We exhibited at the European Materials Research Society's Spring meeting, held for a second consecutive year in beautiful Strasbourg.

This year the conference showed a more-professional flair, with the exhibition being held in a new, purpose-built exhibition hall (instead of having exhibitors relegated to corridors and stair wells!).

We had a high-profile corner booth which attracted plenty of attention - and not just for the crowd-pleasing "out-of-the-screen" 3D displays. We were pleased to demonstrate our very-latest software and had some memorable discussions with a diverse range of delegates from around the world.

CrystalMaker Supports French Crystallography

29 June 2018

We are delighted to sponsor this year's French Crystallographic Association's annual meeting in Lyon, France. CrystalMaker Software is supplying delegate bag inserts featuring our latest software for Mac and Windows. The meeting - organised locally by a veteran CrystalMaker user - runs from 10 to 13 July and is expected to attract some 300 delegates.

Workshop in London

9 May 2018

We held a very-successful CrystalMaker workshop in the Department of Physics at Queen Mary, University of London.

The workshop, which was extremely-well attended, included an aural presentation, followed by an extended question-and-answer session. We then had the opportunity to meet with individual staff and students and provide personalized tuition, advice, and receive feedback.

Exhibition and Workshop in Phoenix

16 April 2018

We returned to the Materials Research Society's Spring National Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. This - the third such meeting in Phoenix - had a new format, with three days of afternoon exhibitions. We believe this was a great success, allowing attendees more chance to visit exhibitors, including during poster sessions.

We also held our first major-conference workshop, on the afternoon of Monday 2 April. The workshop was held in the undergraduate student lab at Arizona State University - which allowed the attendees to follow a series of interactive demonstrations using the supplied computer equipment. We think this might be an excellent model for future meetings, should sufficient people be interested.

Exhibition in New Orleans

16 April 2018

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Meeting, in colourful New Orleans. The exhibition - which included an evening welcome reception - lasted two days and was a great success. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth.

CrystalMaker 10.2

22 February 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availablity of CrystalMaker 10.2: our biggest update ever! Sporting over 60 major new features, this is the kind of update most companies would charge their customers for. Not us: it's free to all registered CrystalMaker X customers! Key new features include:

  • Powerful new volumetric visualization includes iso-surfaces, iso-lines, more colour choices, smoother rendering, inline list controls plus histogram previews with real-time (and coloured!) range sliders.

  • Support for 3ED volumetric datasets.

  • Streamlined Inspector with tabbed interface, new Volume Inspector, greater discoverability.

  • Four new sphere types, including "fuzzy" spheres, and "pie-chart" spheres with translucency.

  • Powerful library search with Scope Bar and chemical formula search.

  • Expanded, consolidated, enhanced structures library.

  • Haptic feedback for Mac users with force-touch trackpads: feel the structure you are measuring!

  • Live Bond Angle and Distance measurements (no clicking required)

  • Advanced control over polyhedral face generation (hint: it's automatic, but you can tweak the parameters)

  • Variable-translucency atom spheres.

  • New 360-page user's guide, updated tutorials and brand new Quick Tour videos.

CrystalMaker X version 10.2 is a free update to registered CrystalMaker X users. We strongly recommend that all eligible users update their software today: this is a highly-substantial release which also includes a number of bug fixes. Learn More: Mac Release Notes | Windows Release Notes | Download. Note: If you are using CrystalMaker 9 or earlier, you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use CrystalMaker X!

SingleCrystal 3.1

1 February 2018

Our first major update of the New Year brings SingleCrystal up to version 3.1. Key new features include the option of Miller-Bravais (four-index) notation for trigonal or hexagonal crystals, plus the ability to quickly add symmetry-related poles to the stereogram.

Auto-indexing an observed TEM diffraction pattern has been made much easier in this release: the picture scale can now be specified using reciprocal units (dimensions, resolution and/or pixel size). Picture dimensions can be freely adjusted by clicking-and-dragging with the mouse (hold down the shift and command (Mac) or control (Windows) keys, then click-and-drag up or down the screen).

Following popular demand, you can now browse through different fit results, using a new Fit Results submenu, or via keyboard shortcuts. Finally, you can rapidly change the view direction by double-clicking on a stereogram pole.

SingleCrystal 3.1 is a free update to registered SingleCrystal 3 users. Learn More: Mac Release Notes | Windows Release Notes | Download

News Archive 2017

CrystalMaker 10.1

21 November 2017

We are pleased to announce the immediate availablity of CrystalMaker 10.1 for Mac and Windows. Building on the groundbreaking performance of CrystalMaker X, this major update provides a solid foundation for future development.

The new version includes a complete, 310-page User's Guide, two extensively-updated tutorials and redesigned online help. New features include control over output graphics resolution, a new "Labels to Textboxes" command, greatly-refined atom label positioning, self-rotating animations, a "trim to selection" range command - plus the ability to hide all atoms with fewer than two bonds. The software includes a new "Structural Architecture" library with multi-structure files designed to illustrate the construction of different crystal-chemical type structures: quartz, spinel and feldspar.

Windows users will find greatly-improved video with a new built-in codec plus the option of higher-performance H.264 video export. Users with the new "Surface Pro" and similar tablets will be able to use full touchscreen rotation and scaling.

CrystalMaker X version 10.1 is a free update to registered CrystalMaker X users. We strongly recommend that all users update their software today: this is a highly-substantial release which also includes fixes to all known bugs.

Exhibition in Boston

15 October 2017

We exhibited at the Material Research Society's Fall National Exposition, held at the Hynes Convention Center from Tuesday 28 through Thursday 30 November. This was a great opportunity to meet existing users, as well as prospective customers. We were able to provide advice on using the software, investigate bug reports and glean ideas for new features. Thank you to everyone who visited us - and we look forwad to meeting you again at the 2018 Spring Meeting in Phoenix!

Exhibition in Seattle

15 October 2017

We exhibited CrystalMaker X at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Seattle, WA. This was our first time at GSA and it was fascinating to engage with a wide range of scientists and share our 3D visualization.

Welcome to High Sierra

3 October 2017

We are delighted to reaffirm our commitment to the Mac and announce that the latest versions of all our products - CrystalMaker X, CrystalDiffract 6 and SingleCrystal 3 - are fully-compatible with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra".

To the best of our knowledge, CrystalMaker X is the ONLY genuine native Mac application for crystal & molecular structures. All other software runs in emulation or via third-party shells - such as Java, Qt, wxWidgets, etc. Only CrystalMaker gives you the full Mac experience: the true, native interface, full system integration, native performance - not to mention elegance and easy-of-use.

Exhibition in India

30 August 2015

We had a very-successful trip to India last week, exhibiting at the IUCr 2017 triennial meeting. The conference was held in Hyderabad, at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Following an opening ceremony on the Monday night, we exhibited for five full days - meeting many crystallographers from around the globe.

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of the IUCr 2017 raffle is Rishika Rai, a Ph.D. student at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram. Rishika wins a full CrystalMaker licence for one year. We wish her every success in her studies!

CrystalMaker X

3 July 2017

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of CrystalMaker X: an all-new program for crystal/molecular modelling.

CrystalMaker X was developed, from scratch, using the latest object-oriented technologies from Apple and Microsoft. The program features industry-leading 3D "Retina" graphics, a workstation-class 64-bit multi-core architecture - and an elegant, easy-to-use Mac or Windows native interface.

CrystalMaker X provides a seamless workflow for understanding the complex 3D structures of crystalline materials and molecular structures. Standout features include multi-structure browsing and rotatable animations - an industry first - plus a revised energy-modelling engine that allows crude, hand-drawn 2D molecular models to be transformed into energetically-favourable 3D structures.

CrystalMaker X can import nearly 40 different file formats, with automatic bond and polyhedral generation, plus extensive real-time editing options to create the perfect visualization. Volumetric data can be combined with structural data to visualize electron density, porosity - or arbitrary 3D datasets imported from other programs.

The software also includes an integrated structures library of 1000+ structures, each with annotation and preview, and ready for immediate display: ideal for teaching and reference. A new Library Browser provides an album-like display with rotatable previews and powerful search capabilities. Users can add their own structure libraries and catalogue their contents: an ideal way to maintain cherished data sources.

CrystalMaker X is available as a paid-for upgrade for existing users of CrystalMaker 8/9 (Mac) or 2/9 (Windows). For more details of the new features, please see the What's New? page, or to order an upgrade, visit our online sales and licensing page.

SingleCrystal 3.0

3 July 2017

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of SingleCrystal 3.0: a major update of our Apple Design-Award winning software for X-ray and Electron diffraction simulation from single crystals.

SingleCrystal 3 features massive performance improvements, thanks to parallel processing. Compared to its predecessor, simulation of complex diffraction patterns is 4-8x faster on a typical desktop computer.

Other changes include a streamlined new interface with faster graphics, the ability to import structural data from CIF or CMTX files, and powerful stereographic projection capabilities for visualizating spatial relationships.

SingleCrystal 3.0 is available as a paid-for upgrade for existing users of SingleCrystal 2 for Mac or Windows. For more details of the new features, please see the What's New? page, or to order an upgrade, visit our online sales and licensing page.

Exhibition in Strasbourg

29 May 2017

We exhibited our next-generation software at E-MRS in Strasbourg. This was our debut appearance at the show and we were pleased to meet so many new faces and preview exciting new software.

Exhibition in San Francisco

2 May 2017

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition, held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center from Sunday 2 April through Tuesday 4 April.

Exhibition in Phoenix

2 May 2017

Hot on the heels of ACS, we exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition, in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 April. This was an important event for us, previewing new features - thank you to the many visitors who came to our booth and we look forward to delighting you in future with our software.

News Archive 2016

Exhibition in Boston

21 November 2016

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Fall National Exposition, held at the Hynes Convention Center from Tuesday 29 November through Thursday 1 December.

This year provided a contrast between brilliant sunshine for the first few days, followed by heavy rain for the next. Nevertheless, the mood in the exhibits hall was always bright - and thanks to the many visitors who stopped by our booth!

We Support Sierra!

28 September 2016

We are delighted to announce that all of our software runs natively on Apple's latest operating system, macOS Sierra.

As one of the very-few companies writing genuine, native, software for Mac, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best support for macOS. Our latest software includes system-level features such as QuickTime video, QuickLook instant previews, Spotlight search and Finder-level metadata display.

Our new CrystalDiffract 6.6 also features support for document tabs in macOS Sierra - a useful organisational feature when dealing with multiple simulations in different widnows. (For backwards-compatibility reasons, document tabs are not yet supported in CrystalMaker or SingleCrystal.)

CrystalDiffract 6.6

20 June 2016

We are very pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of CrystalDiffract 6.6: a very-major update to our powder diffraction software, featuring a smart new look with improved performance.

  • Better Precision and Performance. 64-bit precision is used throughout and performance has been dramatically enhanced for intensity calculations thanks to better memory access and new algorithms.

  • Fast Parameter Mode. A new display mode makes it much faster to interactively change structural parameters and diffraction settings, even for massive structures such as proteins.

  • Refreshed Interface. The Patterns List has been streamlined, with more functionality in its contextual menu, and a new "Add" button in the window toolbar. Improvements have also been made to the Reflexions List resizing and to the Scroller - allowing easy adjustment of the reflexion range.

  • Works with macOS Sierra. CrystalDiffract 6.6 for Mac features numerous enhancements too, not least, future compatibility with macOS Sierra including document tabs.

  • All New Windows Version. CrystalDiffract 6.6 for Windows is 100% new. Every line of code has been rewritten, using the latest Microsoft .NET framework for native performance and genuine compatibility (the earlier version used the older MFC C++ libraries). The user interface has been streamlined and major performance improvements achieved, compared to the previous version.

CrystalDiffract 6.6 is a free update for registered users of CrystalDiffract 6. Download the software for Mac or Windows. (Please note that CrystalDiffract 6.6 will NOT run on Windows XP! If you are still using Windows XP, please use the updated version of CrystalDiffract 6.5.)

Exhibition in Phoenix

3 March 2016

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition, held in Phoenix from Tuesday 29 through Thursday 31 March. This was a brand new location for us - and the society - and we were glad to meet so many existing users, as well as new customers.

Please don't forget that we do still exist outside show hours - so feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments.

Exhibition in San Diego

22 March 2016

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition, held at the beautifully-located San Diego Convention Center from Sunday 13 through Tuesday 15 March. The conference theme, "Computers in Chemistry" was highly appropriate and we enjoyed meeting so many of you. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth.

News Archive 2015

Exhibition in Boston: Materials Research Society

9 December 2015

We exhibited at the Material Research Society's Fall National Exposition, held in Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center from Tuesday 2 until lunchtime on Thursday 4 December.

We enjoyed meeting so many existing users, as well as new customers. Some of the new features we were pleased to demonstrate were the "Colour by Coordination" command, the ability to display structures on iPhone, new crystal engineering tools, and the Relax Molecule command.

It's Easy to Build & Relax New Molecules:

28 September 2015

Learn how easy it is to build new molecules in CrystalMaker 9 in our latest video tour. The video shows how you can sketch out a new molecule simply by clicking with the mouse to add both atoms and chemical bonds. Hydrogen atoms can be automatically added to the structure in a single step, followed by a full energy minimisation, using our unique - and worry-free - Monte Carlo relaxation technique.

View CrystalMaker Models on iPhone!

24 September 2015

Want to manipulate your 3D structure models on your iPhone? Now you can - and without the need for any new software! The latest version (4.4) of iBooks lets you manipulate 3D models - in the same way as you can on iPad or OS X. Here's how in five easy steps:-

  1. Export your structure from CrystalMaker 9 as a COLLADA 3D file.

  2. Drag-and-drop your COLLADA file into an empty iBooks Author document (*).

  3. Launch iBooks on your iPhone.

  4. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, using its supplied USB cable.

  5. Press the Preview button in iBooks Author to copy your new iBook - with its 3D model - to your iPhone.

iBooks for iOS lets you zoom and rotate your CrystalMaker-authored models: it's a fantastic way for sharing your structures. You can have multiple structures in a single "iBook" and combine these with text, graphics and video. It's a great way of combining interactive content with educational material.

iBooks Author is a free authoring package from Apple, available on the Mac App Store. Requires a Mac running OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" or later. Sorry, this is not available for other operating systems (yet another reason to switch to Mac!).

Review Article in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie

24 September 2015

CrystalMaker 9's new crystal engineering tools feature on the front cover of this month's issue of the prestigious Zeitschrift für Kristallographie journal!

A full-colour, fourteen-page review article [1], describes the program's rationale, its history, functionality - and includes research and teaching applications. Users may be interested to read how this software emerged from a dusty lecture theatre back in the 1990s - before the dawn of the world-wide web, and decades before its rivals. CrystalMaker was - and remains - the pioneering software for truly interactive crystallography. Read more in your copy of "ZK" today:-

[1] Palmer, DC (2015) Visualization and analysis of crystal structures using CrystalMaker software. Z. Kristallogr. 230(9-10):559-572

Exhibition in Boston: American Chemical Society

21 August 2015

Amidst searing temperatures, stiflying humidity - and monsoon weather - the American Chemical Society presented their "Fall" national meeting in Boston. We were there, exhibiting our latest software in the monumental Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (thankfully, well air conditioned). Many thanks to all of our existing customers who came to visit, and to the other visitors who were able to enjoy our latest 3D graphics, hand-controller manipulations, and real-time diffraction simulations.

CrystalMaker Update Offers 3D Printing Support

2 July 2015

Hot on the heels of our major CrystalMaker 9.2 update, we are delighted to release another free update with a very-compelling new feature: 3D printing support.

CrystalMaker 9.2.2 for Mac and Windows includes a new file export option, STL 3D File. This generates a self-contained 3D file - saved as a binary file to save disc space - suitable for virtually all 3D printers.

This complements our existing COLLADA 3D File export option, which also generates 3D models, using an interchange file format that works well with other 3D graphics programs, but which requires conversion to another format before it can be printed. By offering direct STL 3D File export, CrystalMaker enhances your workflow, allowing you to take your 3D model direct to the printer, without requiring third-party software.

Free to Version 9 Customers

Licensed and registered customers of CrystalMaker 9 can download free updates from our updates page.

Please note: This is a free update for registered CrystalMaker 9 customers only. If you are using CrystalMaker 8 for Mac or CrystalMaker 2 for Windows, you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use this version.

Multi-Touch Works on OS X 10.10.4 "Yosemite"!

2 July 2015

We are delighted to announce that, following our earlier bug reports and extensive correspondence with Apple, multi-touch in CrystalMaker 9 and SingleCrystal 2.3 for Mac is now again working on OS X 10.10 "Yosemite". This feature - which worked on OS X 10.10.1 and earlier, had been "broken" by Apple in 10.10.2.

Multi-touch lets you rotate and scale structures with simple gestures on the trackpad: a very intuitive way of manipulating your structure!

CrystalMaker 9.2 Powers Ahead

1 June 2015

Fourteen months after its launch, CrystalMaker 9 has had its second major update. The new version adds three new file formats, support for atom vector import, improved energy modelling, more robust software installation (Windows), plus numerous productivity features.

CrystalMaker 9.2 now supports loading multiple atom vector definitions from a CrystalMaker text (CMTX) file - making it easy to visualize vector fields, or provide regular input for property visualization.

Structural data can now be imported from TOPAS and DMol3 files (the latter include two formats, single-molecule ".car" and multiple-structure ".arc"). Data can also now be exported to a DMol3 ".car" file.

Energy modelling has been improved with some major work on the treatment of small inorganic molecules. This should ensure that more-realistic bond lengths are generated. In addition, the Add Hydrogens command will now recognise boron and add the requisite number of H atoms.

Other changes include "Spaces"-aware Tile and Stack Windows commands (Mac), plus a new Spaces-aware Auto-Rotate-All command. Windows users will find that the installer has been streamlined and should prove more robust - thanks partly to a workaround for an issue with the LEAP Motion Controller support. For a detailed list of changes, please see the Release Notes for Mac or Windows.

Free to Version 9 Customers

Licensed and registered customers of CrystalMaker 9 can download free updates from our updates page.

Please note: This is a free update for registered CrystalMaker 9 customers only. If you are using CrystalMaker 8 for Mac or CrystalMaker 2 for Windows, you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use this version.

Welcome to our Zero Carbon Website!

6 May 2015

Following the major network disruption two weeks ago, we are pleased to announce that not only have we switched to a new web hosting company, but we're also now a Zero Carbon website!

The CrystalMaker Software website is now hosted by UKFast, the first hosting provider to be 100% carbon neutral under BSI PAS 2060. This means you can be confident that all carbon emissions associated with the hosting of this site have been offset by renewable energy projects that reduce the use of fossil fuels. These projects are verified by The Voluntary Carbon Standard.

This move further strengthens our company's commitment to the environment - which also includes the use of electric vehicles powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy.

Network Disruption

27 April 2015

Late on Wednesday 22 April, our web hosting provider, iRack Networks, experienced a major network failure. This initially affected just our online store, but by Friday 24 April our entire website was "down". Despite repeated assurances from the company that services would be restored that day, our website did not reappear until Sunday 26 April: 3 days after the initial disruption.

During this time, our e-mail and telephone support remained available as we run these services ourselves. However, the loss of our website was a major frustration - and we sincerely apologise for any disruption experienced by our users.

Whilst our website is now fully functioning, we have taken the decision that this must never be allowed to happen again, and are in the process of migrating to a more reputable hosting provider which offers a superior reliability guarantee.

CrystalDiffract 6.5 Printed User's Guide: Just $30 + FREE Shipping

20 April 2015

We are pleased to offer our customers the option of purchasing a new deluxe printed edition of the CrystalDiffract 6.5 User's Guide for just $30 with FREE shipping worldwide!

This is a lavishly illustrated volume, printed in full colour, and extensively rewritten to cover the major changes in version 6.5 of the software. The guide runs to 180 pages and is printed on high-quality paper, perfect bound, with a smooth matte laminated cover. This edition includes the full tutorial and an appendix: everything you need to take full advantage of the software!

CrystalDiffract 6.5

20 April 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of CrystalDiffract 6.5: a very-major update to our powder diffraction software, featuring a sleek new look, faster graphics and power tools.

CrystalDiffract 6.5 has been totally redesigned with a bright new interface featuring a colour toolbar, new Patterns List, clearer Reflexions List - and for the first time, a tabbed Inspector. This offers easy access to Format controls (including easy text styling) and Parameter controls (for real-time control over the simulated instrument, sample and crystal).

New tools include a Scroller with a full-pattern preview, for easy navigation; a faster smoother Loupe (introduced for the first time in the Windows version) - and a new "Square Loupe" display option.

CrystalDiffract 6.5 now offers the option of electron powder diffraction simulations with real-time wavelength control. This is designed to help users who regularly study powder rings in transmission electron micrographs. By popular request we have also added simulation of preferred orientation - with needle and plate geometries supported, entry of the orientation vector - and real-time control over the degree of alignment. This uses a weighted (i.e., constant sample) March correction.

Graphics operations have been accelerated - particularly for Mac users, where shadow and line drawing could slow down. Coloured backgrounds are now possible, with output transparency control. Last but not least, users can now choose from a wide range of graphics output formats including a choice of Vector (e.g., PDF or EPS on the Mac) and Pixel (e.g., TIFF, PNG, JPEG) with the options of transparency and scaling.

This version also includes a vast range of under-the-hood enhancements which further improve the program's performance, its display, usability and stability.

CrystalMaker 9 Printed User's Guide: Just $49 + FREE Shipping

18 March 2015

We are delighted to offer our customers the option of purchasing a new deluxe printed edition of the CrystalMaker 9 User's Guide for just $49 with FREE shipping worldwide!

High-quality documentation is always useful - but it tends to be something that many lesser products lack. Regular experience of technical support reinforces the need for proper documentation: most enquiries could easily be answered by a casual thumb through a printed manual. However, the increasing trend for on-screen documentation makes this more difficult. Whilst users could read on-screen PDFs and they could make use of fast search and index capabilities (built into both our PDF User's Guide and the Online Help), few do.

We therefore believe that the time is right to re-invent quality printed documentation. We've therefore slashed the price of the CrystalMaker User's Guide, down to just $49 including free worldwide shipping. We hope that more users will take advantage of the convenience of a beautifully-produced User's Guide literally on their desktop.

This is a lavishly illustrated volume, printed in full colour, and extensively rewritten to cover the major changes in version 9 of the software. The guide runs to 234 pages and is printed on high-quality 100 gsm paper, perfect bound, with a smooth matte laminated cover. We also include a colour-printed addendum, illustrating the major new features introduced in version 9.1

Exhibition in Denver: American Chemical Society

17 March 2015

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition, held in Denver, Colorado from 22-24 March at the Colorado Convention Center.

Exhibition in San Francisco: Materials Research Society

17 March 2015

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition, held - for the last time - at Moscone West in San Francisco, CA.

News Archive 2014

MRS Fall Meeting 2014

15 December 2014

We exhibited at this year's Materials Research Society's Fall Meeting, in the heart of Boston's Back Bay district. The exhibition was located in the Hynes Convention Center and ran from Tuesday, 2 December, to lunchtime on Thursday 4 December.

We Support Yosemite!

5 November 2014

We are proud to re-affirm our commitment to the Mac, and our support for the world's most-advanced operating system: Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite".

The latest versions of our Mac products (CrystalMaker, CrystalViewer, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal) ensure seamless downloads and installation on "Yosemite".

As long-term Apple developers, we are able to provide the best support for the Mac platform, developing genuine native Mac applications that offer our users the optimum performance, ease-of-use and elegance that Mac users demand.

CrystalMaker 9.1: Grow Atoms, Repair Molecules, Show Asymmetric Unit, Add H...

1 October 2014

Exactly six months after its launch, CrystalMaker 9 has had a very-major update. Following extensive discussions and feedback from customers, the software is now easier to use - and more powerful.

CrystalMaker 9.1 includes smart range control, saving custom atom attributes as the range of displayed atoms changes. Broken bonds - or entire molecules - can be repaired using a pair of handy new Selection > Show commands. A new Show Asymmetric Unit command provides quick access to individual molecules in a molecular crystal.

The process of defining large polyhedra has also become simpler. A redesigned Make Polyhedron command provides a new, default option which intelligently generates bonding based on the selection environment - thereby preserving custom polyhedra as the lattice range expands or contracts.

The molecule builder has become even easier to use. Shift-clicking allows bonds to be added at the same time as new atoms, with active highlighting to guide you as you define your molecule's backbone.

Modelling calculations have been refined, with the ability to automatically add hydogen atoms to any molecule. The new atoms are energy minimized without altering the original structure - thereby making this command ideal for X-ray structures. Users can also opt to relax only a portion of a structure (e.g., a side chain on a macromolecule).

Other new features include support for LAMMPS and GROMACS files, a new Windows AVI video control panel for Windows users, the ability to rotate selected atoms relative to the rest of a crystal structure, the ability to select symmetry-related atoms (and hence bonds), new keyboard shortcuts - plus miscellaneous performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Exhibition in San Francisco - American Chemical Society Fall Meeting 2014

11 July 2014

Hot on the heels of IUCr 2014, we exhibited at the American Chemical Society's "Fall" meeting, held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA.

Exhibition in Montreal - IUCr 2014

11 July 2014

As part of our celebrations for the International Year of Crystallography, we exhibited at the International Union of Crystallography in Montreal, Canada.

We showed off our latest software, including CrystalMaker 9, CrystalDiffract 6 and SingleCrystal 2.3 - with multi-touch and Leap Motion support, plus our innovative point-and-click molecule building and geometry optimization.

Leap Motion Support for CrystalMaker & CrystalViewer

28 April 2014

We are delighted to announce that CrystalMaker and CrystalViewer versions 9.0.2 for Mac now support the new Leap Motion Controller. You can rotate and scale structures with simple hand gestures in space, freeing yourself from a conventional mouse or trackpad: a great way to present structures to colleagues or students. This works even better in our immersive "out-of-the-screen" 3D colour stereo: one can enjoy the sensation or rotating a structure between one's hands.

CrystalMaker 9 for Mac & Windows: Visualization Gets Smarter

Updated: 15 April 2014

After 6 years and 3 months, CrystalMaker 8 for Mac and CrystalMaker 2 for Windows have finally been retired, replaced by our biggest-ever upgrade. Announcing CrystalMaker 9: the smartest way to work with crystals and molecules!

CrystalMaker 9 transcends mere visualization, with sophisticated energy modelling. Simply point-and-click to build molecules and optimize their structures with the new Relax Molecule command. CrystalMaker auto-detects bonding and coordination environments, applying the most-appropriate potentials and using a smart Monte-Carlo algorithm to avoid false minima.

CrystalMaker 9 features advanced crystal engineering tools. Insert space into crystal lattices; place new atoms, molecules; move, detach, duplicate or delete groups of atoms - all within a crystal lattice. New multi-touch support makes it easier than ever to control your structure - and now you can share your results with our spectacular 3D export: stand-alone COLLADA 3D graphics, ideal for presenting 3D models in iBooks on your iPad or Mac - or for sharing with 3D printing software. Learn more....

CrystalMaker 9.0 for Mac requires an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" or later. CrystalMaker 9.0 for Windows requires Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later. Registered users of earlier versions can purchase an upgrade and take advantage of our online discounts.

CrystalViewer 9 for Mac & Windows: Free Visualization for All

Updated: 15 April 2014

As a 20th birthday celebration from us to you, our customers, we're delighted to announce the immediate availability of CrystalViewer™: a free crystal & molecular structures visualization program for Mac and Windows.

CrystalViewer™ lets CrystalMaker 9 users share their crystal or molecular structures with anyone: colleagues, friends, students... However, we've focused in particular on supporting students, especially undergraduates or school children. A simple, easy-to-use interface, with engaging graphics, provides an ideal way for students to engage with three-dimensional structures, and build their own, visual understanding of what can be very-complex structures.

For us, CrystalViewer is something of an experiment. We hope it will prove useful, and build on the success of CrystalMaker. Please note that we regard this as being a tool for personal use by students, and should not replace existing use of CrystalMaker in the classroom, teaching lab or lecture theatre.

Exhibition in San Francisco

24 April 2014

We exhibited CrystalMaker 9 with its new "Leap Motion" controller support, at the Materials Research Society's Spring meeting in San Francisco.

SingleCrystal 2.3 for Mac: Multi-Touch Retina Graphics

26 March 2014

We are delighed to announce the release of a major update to SingleCrystal: our award-winning program for X-ray, Neutron and TEM diffraction.

SingleCrystal 2.3 for Mac features gorgeous "Retina" graphics, supporting the new high-resolution display modes offered by Apple's latest MacBook Pro computers.

Also new is full multi-touch control. Mac users can now use the pinch/zoom gesture to resize simulated or observed diffraction patterns - or any selected screen tool: the Ruler, Grid or Protractor. The "rotate" gesture can be used to rotate about an axis out of the screen, whilst two-finger slide gestures can be used to rotate about axes parallel to the screen.

SingleCrystal 2.3 for Mac now requires OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard", or later, running on an Intel-based Mac. Licensed users can download a free update.

Exhibition in Dallas

24 March 2014

We had a very enjoyable time in Dallas, previewing CrystalMaker 9 at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition.

News Archive 2013

CrystalDiffract 6 for Mac & Windows

Updated: 23 December 2013

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of a brand-new powder diffraction program: CrystalDiffract 6 for 64-bit Mac and Windows.

CrystalDiffract 6 is, despite its version number, a completely-new program: entirely rewritten using a new object-oriented design, and optimized for state-of-the-art multi-processor, multi-touch, 64-bit operating systems. The Mac version - one of the very-few genuine, native Mac scientific applications - was written using Apple's "Cocoa" development framework and supports 64-bit OS X 10.7 "Lion", 10.8 "Mountain Lion" and 10.9 "Mavericks".

CrystalDiffract 6 features a beautiful new interface with stunning, "Retina" graphics and - for the first time - direct graphics output. Diffraction simulations take advantage of multiple processors for lightning speed, and include Q-space visualization, logarithmic intensity display, and freedom to visualize simulated profiles on a range of x-axis types.

CrystalDiffract 6 is now a stand-along program, with drag-and-drop loading of CIF, STRUPLO and CMTX (CrystalMaker Text) data files, as well as observed XY data files or Rigaku-Scintag ASC diffractometer files. You can even simulate new diffraction patterns from scratch, using the built-in crystal builder. A direct visualization link with CrystalMaker lets you select any simulated pattern and visualize its crystal structure.

CrystalDiffract 6 liberates your experimental data from the lab or database software, and places you firmly in control. Unlock the real value of powder diffraction with this revolutionary software. CrystalDiffract 6 for Mac and Windowsis now shipping. Buy your copy today. Learn more.

Exhibition in Boston: Materials Research Society Fall Meeting 2013

9 December 2013

We exhibited our software at the Materials Research Society's Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. The exhibition ran from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 December, in the Hynes Convention Center.

Web/Quantity Discounts

27 November 2013

Our online store now provides an automatic web discount that increases as you add more items. For each eligible item you get 5% off the price of your order. The discount works for any combination of software products (excluding student licences), up to a maximum of 20% off.

Online orders save you time and money; just make sure that your credit card is approved for international/internet transactions (many U.S.A. banks apply automatic blocks on any out-of-country transactions - so you may need to request that these are lifted).

We're happy to provide online discounts, because our online store is automated and this streamlines the ordering process at our end. It means that we don't have to deal with some institutions' labyrinthine purchasing requirements, or chase up late payments. And as a small, family-owned company, that means a lot to us!

New Advice Centre

12 November 2013

We are pleased to announce a new design for our online support Advice Centre. The new design makes it easier to browse frequently-asked questions for different products, and should work much better with search engines. We have also added considerably to the content for CrystalMaker, based on long-term feedback from customers, as well as forum postings.

CrystalMaker 8.7.4 Update Whizzes Bloated CIFs

3 October 2013

We are pleased to announce a free update for CrystalMaker 8 for Mac users. The latest version, 8.7.4, features a new memory-mapping algorithm that dramatically speeds up the loading of massive CIF files.

Normally, lightning-fast file import isn't a high priority: most crystal structures text files are suitably compact, and even the most rigorous of parsers (and CrystalMaker uses a particularly robust and detailed parser) can load the salient details in a fraction of a second.

Unfortunately, one commonly-used structure refinement program, SHELX, now produces truly gargantuan CIF output: stuffed to the gunwhales with complete refinement details, thereby bloating the file size from a few hundred bytes to several million bytes. In a recent (and fairly typical) example we saw, less than 1% of the file contained structural data; the remaining 99% was essentially proprietary SHELX data.

We can argue over the virtues of providing complete experimental data to all. However, since CIF stands for "Crystallographic Interchange File", surely the paramount issue should be easy data exchange? Our view is that most CIF files aren't used by the original equipment technicians or crystallographers; instead they are used to share crystal structures, and that's what their primary content should be. By all means submit full experimental details to a journal or database - but do we really need to bloat the file sizes for everyone else?

Regardless of how the CIF debate goes, we believe that CrystalMaker remains the best choice for working with CIF data: featuring a highly-robust and reliable data parser, that doesn't get bogged down with massive structures - and can cope with even the most bloated of files.

Proud to Support OS X "Mavericks"

22 July 2013

With today's public release of Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks", we are proud to re-affirm our commitment to the Mac, and our support for the world's most-advanced operating system.

Recent updates to all three of our Mac products (CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal) ensure seamless downloads and installation on "Mavericks".

As long-term Apple developers, we are able to provide the best support for the Mac platform, developing genuine native Mac applications that offer our users the optimum performance, ease-of-use and elegance that Mac users demand.

Our newest application, CrystalDiffract 6, provides full 64-bit performance on OS X 10.9 "Mavericks", 10.8 "Mountain Lion" and 10.7 "Lion". Our other applications, CrystalMaker and SingleCrystal are 32-bit applications, which allows for backwards compatibility back to OS X 10.5 "Leopard" - and which also enables support for older, PowerPC hardware, as a Universal Binary.

Exhibition in Edinburgh: ICNS 2013

5 July 2013

We exhibited our software at the International Conference on Neutron Scattering, held from 9-11 July at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

Printed User's Guides

26 June 2013

Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, we are pleased to once again offer the option of a printed user's guide for our flagship product, CrystalMaker.

CrystalMaker versions 6 and earlier all included printed copies of the user's guide. These were beautifully produced and printed - but high production costs meant that we had to print all copies in one (large!) batch, and so the guides soon became out of date as our software is so-frequently updated. Eventually we decided to abandon a printed user's guide, and instead to rely on including a high-quality PDF version, accessible from the program's Help menu.

Recently, our local printer, Holywell Press (a family-run company with a long-tradition, based here in Oxford), has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art digital press facility. This allows for small print runs, in full colour - and means that we can produce copies of the users' guide "on demand", without them going out-of-date.

Our new printed user's guide is the very-latest edition (Spring 2013), printed in full colour, with 200 pages + cover, and perfect bound. It is available for purchase from our online store only.

Exhibition in New Orleans: ACS Spring Meeting

17 April 2013

Hot on the heels of the MRS Spring Meeting came the American Chemical Society's equivalent - and we were there, flying in to "The Big Easy" that is New Orleans to exhibit our latest, and hottest software. We had a great show, meeting many new users - thank you to all who visited our booth: we really enjoyed meeting you. We also enjoyed our time in New Orleans: a great city to visit with so much to see and do.

Exhibition in San Francisco: MRS Spring Meeting

17 April 2013

Once again, we exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring Meeting, in San Francisco. This year the exhibition had a slightly different format, being packed into just two full days: Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 April. (In previous meetings, the exhibition has had an extra half-day.)

We had our usual booth, No. 325, on the main aisle close to the "Town Square" and en route to the ever-popular carricature artist. This year the hall was quieter than usual, possibly due to scheduling changes - and for the first time, the carricature artist didn't have a massive queue. Nevertheless, we were able to meet with a wide variety of users and potential users.

Software Updates for 2013

30 January 2013

We have updated every one of our software products for 2013. The changes build on our existing major CrystalMaker 8.7 (Mac) and 2.7 (Windows) updates, making those applications more robust and responding to user requests for new features. We have also updated CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal, fixing known bugs and making numerous "under the hood" changes to improve performance and reliability.

We Support Windows 8

2 January 2013

We are pleased to confirm that all current versions of our Windows software run on Windows 8, as well as earlier versions of Windows back to XP (Service Pack 2).

Our recent CrystalMaker 2.7 for Windows update provided a key feature for supporting Windows 8 installations: we now use code-signing in all of our installers. This provides for seamless installation on Windows 8, as well as easier installation on earlier versions of the operating system.

News Archive 2012

Exhibition in Boston: Materials Research Society

3 December 2012

We exhibited at this year's Materials Research Society's Fall Meeting, which took place at its usual venue in the Hynes Convention Center, in the heart of Boston's Back Bay district..

The exhibition ran from Tuesday, 27 November, to lunchtime on Thursday 29 November.

We were in our usual location, booth 929, on the well-trodden main aisle, close to the Materials Town Square, the Science as Art exhibition, and the ever-popular carricature artist.

CrystalMaker 8.7/2.7 Update

20 November 2012

CrystalMaker 8.7 for Mac and 2.7 for Windows feature substantial improvements to the user interface, a major new edition of the user's guide, a revised tutorial and support for the new DL_POLY 4 History file format.

With the introduction of CrystalMaker 2.7 for Windows, all our programs for Mac and Windows are now code signed, giving you confidence that the software you are installing and running on your computer is authentic and safe - as well as facilitating the installation process, especially on newer operating systems.

The vast majority of Mac dialogs, sheets and palettes have been updated to support the "High-DPI" mode available on new "Retina" displays. The Video Recorder and QuickTime VR Options windows have both been redesigned, with a clearer display and high-resolution graphics.

CrystalMaker for Mac now joins the Windows version in supporting the free-formatted "History" files generated by DL_POLY 4. The program now attempts to assign a more meaningful filename, based on the contents of the "History" file, and/or its directory structure.

A new, 9th Edition, of the User's Guide has been prepared for this version. This has had a complete redesign, aimed at improving the on-screen reading and browsing experience. The original two-column layout (which was designed for printed output) has been replaced by a clearer single-column layout. Extensive editorial changes have been made, bring content up-to-date, improving organisation, and adding two new chapters, "Measurement" and "Transformation".

Proud to Support OS X "Mountain Lion"

25 July 2012

With today's public release of Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion", we are proud to re-affirm our commitment to the Mac, and our support for the world's most-advanced operating system.

Recent updates to all three of our Mac products (CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal) ensure seamless downloads and installation on "Mountain Lion" (without users having to mess with their security settings!).

As long-term Apple developers, we are able to provide the best support for the Mac platform, developing 100% native Mac applications that offer our users the optimum performance, ease-of-use and elegance that Mac users demand.

We now offer the widest choice of Mac operating systems support, from Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" through to 10.8 "Mountain Lion", and including support for older, PowerPC processors, as well as newer Intel chips.

For advice on a seamless upgrade, see our Mountain Lion Upgrade Tips page.

WWDC 2012: Apple Leads the World

30 June 2012

We are pleased to report a highly-successful week at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco earlier this month.

As award-winning Apple Developers, we are always pleased to take the opportunity to keep up-to-speed with all the latest developments in the Apple world. This is particularly important now that Apple is the world's most-important technology company, leading the world, where others choose to follow (and copy).

Look forward to great new technology applied to science...

CrystalMaker 8.6/2.6 Update

25 April 2012

CrystalMaker 8.6 for Mac and CrystalMaker 2.6 for Windows are major new versions with significant improvements to productivity:

CrystalMaker supports three new file formats: 'VASP', 'VESTA' and 'WIEN2k'. Of these, the 'VASP' (Vienna Ab-Initio Simulation Package) and 'WIEN2k' formats are the most useful, allowing molecular modellers speedy visualization of large volumes of data. CrystalMaker offers intelligent support for 'VASP' version 4 structures files, as well as version 5.

A new, "Favourite" toolbar button lets you designate a particular structure as a file favourite, which can be viewed in the new Overview Favourites pane. (This is distinct from the Recent Files pane, which CrystalMaker automatically updates).

A new popup menu button has been added to the (default) Window toolbar, which allows quick application of different preset element tables. Now, one can instantly switch to Van-der-Waals radii, or covalent radii, or ionic radii - without the need to display the Edit Elements window.

CrystalMaker now includes a File > Open Recent submenu, providing a quick way of accessing recent files. Note that for a more comprehensive listing of opened files, you can continue to use the Overview Window: all opened files are represented by graphical thumbnails in the "Recent" pane.

CrystalMaker for Mac now uses a progressive Undo command - with a corresponding Redo command, so you can easily explore a document's history.

All-Digital Delivery: The Eco Choice

25 April 2012

CrystalMaker Software Limited today announces the cessation of physical disc duplication and distribution, in favour of all-digital distribution.

For the past 18 years we have shipped physical packages to customers across the globe. For many years this was the only option, but with the rise of the internet, more and more users have been requesting downloadable delivery. This is both faster and more environmentally friendly than having to ship a physical package - and much more reliable!

Over the years we have stopped distributing a physical user's guide in favour of a superior, electronic version: up-to-date, with full-colour illustrations, and searchable. Now customers can take advantage of downloadable delivery to obtain the full program package, in electronic format.

We aim to be environmentally-friendly in all aspects of our work. Recent local initiatives have included an all-electric company car, powered with 100% clean energy; provision of new solar PV panels to generate our own power; and switching to a 100% "green" electricity tariff, from independent provider, Ecotricity. Switching to download-only software distribution - whilst not entirely zero-emission - is nevertheless an important step in reducing our global CO2 footprint.

MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco

16 April 2012

We exhibited at this year's Material Research Society's Spring meeting, held once again at the Moscone West convention centre, in San Francisco.

The exhibition ran from Tuesday 10 through to Thursday 12 April.

We were pleased to meet so many existing - and highly enthusiastic - users, and demonstrate our latest software to a wide range of researchers and educators.

News Archive 2011

Exhibition in Boston: MRS Fall Meeting 2011

29 November - 1 December 2011

We exhibited at this year's Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, in Boston, MA.

The meeting was held in its traditional venue, the Hynes Convention Center, in the "Back Bay" district. We exhibited over three days and were pleased to meet many of our existing users. We were pleased to demonstrate our latest software, including the recently launched CrystalMaker 8.5 and SingleCrystal 2.2.

SingleCrystal 2.2 Update

23 September 2011

SingleCrystal 2.2 for Mac and Windows is a major update, featuring "double diffraction" visualization for TEM simulations, improved performance, support options and miscellaneous enhancements.

"Double Diffraction" is a phenomenon observed in electron microscopy, where secondary scattering can result in intensity at reflexions that should be forbidden by spacegroup symmetry.

SingleCrystal can now distinguish such "spacegroup" absences, from lattice type (non-primitive cell) absences, and other ("accidental") absences. Users can opt to mark the "spacegroup" absences, for comparison with real patterns - and these can also be shown in list form, via the Edit > Diffraction Data command.

SingleCrystal 2.2 for Mac and Windows is a free update. For more information about the changes, please refer to the Mac and Windows release notes.

Exhibition in Prague: Goldschmidt 2011

15-19 August 2011

We supported this year's Goldschmidt conference, in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The Goldschmidt conferences bring together scientists from across all disciplines, to investigate broad geochemical topics, including bio-mineralization, mineral surfaces, reactivity - and areas of mineral physics. This year's meeting had a diverse and exciting programme, relevant to chemists, material scientists, biologists and geoscientists.

We exhibited our soft­ware from Monday 15 to Friday 19 August, working from booth 7 in the Prague Congress Centre. Thank you to all our customers (and prospective customers) who visited us

Online Support: Redesigned, Refined

20 June 2011

We have made many subtle changes to this website (the most obvious of which is the wider page content) - including a revamped Support section. The most important changes are to the Advice Centre, which now features a wider selection of help topics, accessed via a collapsible list.

We've also updated our Feature Tutorials to match the visual themes of the new website - with new graphics and improvements to individual tutorial articles.

New Video Tours

20 June 2011

We are pleased to announce our first series of CrystalMaker video tours!

We have recorded as series of guided tours, designed to illustrated some of the major features of software, as a way of getting new (and perhaps more experienced) users up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

In preparing these tours, we've had to focus on what we think are some of the key topics, whilst striking a balance between video file size, and comprehensive coverage.

Turning Over a New Leaf

23 May 2011

As part of our commitment to greater sustainability and improved environmental focus, CrystalMaker Software Ltd has just taken delivery of its first Zero-Emissions Vehicle: the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

The new 'Leaf' will be used mainly by our Finance Director, Dr. Shirley Palmer, and powered by 100% clean electricity: a combination of domestic-generated solar power (a 4kW "solar roof"), topped up with imported wind-, tidal- and solar-generated power, courtesy of Ecotricity.

Key to the success of this vehicle is its advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Many CrystalMaker users are working on developments in this area, using a range of crystalline or nano-crystalline materials. We are very pleased to see the fruits of some of this research in the new vehicle! (The claimed range is 109 miles.)

The keys to the new vehicle were presented by Mr. Oliver Brackley-Pattison, the EV Sales Specialist at West Way Nissan, Oxford. We would like to thank Oliver, and his senior colleague, Mr. Andrew Fisher, for their excellent service.

CrystalMaker Ph.D. Studentship

23 May 2011

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is sponsor­ing a Ph.D. student­ship for the next three years, in col­laboration with the University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences.

The successful student has now started her project on "Anomalous Physical Properties of Framework Materials", and will be using our software extensively in her research, as well as participating in feature development.

Speaking about this work, Managing Director, Dr. David Palmer, said "we are delighted to provide ongoing financial support for this project, and look forward to working with our academic partners during the next few years."

San Francisco When it Rains: MRS Spring Meeting

31 March 2011

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring Meeting earlier this year (26-28 April 2011). The conference was held at the prestigious Moscone West centre in downtown San Francisco, during an unseasonably-wet week.

The rainstorms that swept the city streets failed to dampen the spirits within the conference hall: there was a record attendance, and we were very busy throughout the exhibition.

International Year of Chemistry 2011: American Chemical Society, Spring Meeting

24 January 2011

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition (March 28-30), held in the Anaheim Convention Center, just across the street from the Disney theme park. This conference had a "Green Chemistry" theme (surely, ironic, given the choice of venue?).

It was great to see so many enthusiastic customers at the show - thanks for taking the time to come and visit our booth. Thanks also to the many passers-by who came to see our new products, tried out the 3D and discussed their requirements with us. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all.

News Archive 2010

Visit us in London, at the Royal Society of Chemistry

13 December 2010

For the fourth year running, we are sponsoring the Royal Society of Chemistry's Solid State Group. This year the group will hold their main, Winter meeting, at University College, London. In addition to our financial support for this event, we'll also be exhibiting our software at a special evening reception, to be held in the cloisters, on Monday 20 December.

CrystalDiffract Update: Faster Sessions, Powerful Pattern Control

22 November 2010

The latest major update to CrystalDiffract offers more flexibility for multi-structure powder diffraction studies.

Key new features in CrystalDiffract 5.2 for Mac, and CrystalDiffract 1.4 for Windows, include more comprehensive session files (which are also much faster to load), a streamlined Patterns List with duplication and renaming functions, support for massive datasets, plus a brand new edition of the User's Guide.

As with all our products, the visible changes are just the "tip of the iceberg". We've made a myriad of performance enhancements and other changes "under the hood". Learn more about the changes in Mac and Windows versions of the software.

SingleCrystal 2.1 Realistic TEM Simulations

22 November 2010

A major update to SingleCrystal, version 2.1, provides more realistic simulation of transmission electron microscope (TEM) diffraction patterns - thanks to a new beam convergence correction.

Earlier versions of the software assumed a perfectly parallel beam, which limited the range of reflexions visible in normal conditions. With version 2.1 you can now explore the effect of beam convergence - using real-time controls - and observe a greatly increased range of reciprocal space.

Other changes include more robust memory handling, 2θ display, improved "Live Rotation" with CrystalMaker, plus miscellaneous bug fixes and performance tweaks. Learn more about the changes for Mac and Windows versions.

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston

22 November 2010

Visit us in Boston for the Materials Research Society's meeting at the Hynes Convention Center (29 November - 3 December). Show hours are 11am-5:30pm (Tuesday 30 November), 11am-6pm (Wednesday 1 December) and 10am-1:30pm (Thursday 2 December).

Visit us at booth 931, beside the "Science as Art" exhibition - and the ever-popular carricature artist. See all our latest software, try out our stunning 3D visualization - and learn how to get real models made for your favourite structures, courtesy of our friends at Indigo Instruments.

Multi-Currency Online Sales

20 September 2010

We are delighted to announce that, once again, our Online Store is open for business - but in a completely new form, and now featuring multiple-currency support. Our new system works with our banking partner, Barclaycard, giving us greater control - and letting customers choose their currency: U.S. dollars, Euros or Sterling. Why not give it a try?

Major Updates for CrystalMaker

12 August 2010

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of two major updates for CrystalMaker: version 8.3 for Mac and version 2.3 for Windows. The new versions feature faster graphics, new file import/output and exciting new video functionality. Movies of continuously-rotating structures can now be automatically generated, with the highest-quality graphics, using a single menu command. Users have full control over rotation speed and increment, looping and auto-play options - plus the usual QuickTime compression settings (if required). Also new is easier QuickTime VR output - and support for the latest video players - plus import/export of "XYZ" text files and improved CIF and SHELX support. Learn More...

International Mineralogical Association, Budapest

25 May 2010

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is proud to be a sponsor of the 20th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). We will be exhibiting our software throughout the meeting, which is to be held between Monday 21 and Friday 27 August, in Budapest, Hungary. Come and see how you can use our software for research and teaching, and meet our Managing Director - himself a mineralogist.

CrystalMaker Movies & Graphics

20 April 2010

We have added major new sections to this site, showcasing CrystalMaker's video, 3D and animation capabilities. You can view rotating crystals & molecules in your web browser - including "out-of-the-screen" 3D colour stereo views. You can also watch animations of structural behaviour with changing pressure or temperature, recorded directly by the program.

British Crystallographic Association, Warwick

12 April 2010

We shall be exhibiting at the British Crystallographic Association's Spring Meeting, at the University of Warwick, in the English Midlands. Visit us at Stand 14 in the Science Concourse, between Monday 12 and Thursday 15 April.

Materials Research Society, San Francisco

6 April 2010

We'll be back in San Francisco - British Airways, permitting - for the Materials Research Society's Spring Exposition (April 6-8), to be held in the Moscone West Convention Center. Show hours are 11am-7pm (Tuesday), 11am-6pm (Wednesday) and 10am-1:30pm (Thursday). Visit us at booth 323, on the main aisle, close to the "Science as Art" exhibition (and the ever-popular carricature artist).

American Chemical Society, San Francisco

21 March 2010

We shall be exhibiting at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition (March 21-23), to be held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. Show hours are: 6pm-8:30pm (Sunday), 9am-5pm (Monday), 9am-5pm (Tuesday) and 9am-1pm (Thursday). Visit us at booth 828, in the "Small Chemical Companies Aisle".

SingleCrystal 2.0 Released

16 March 2010

We are delighted to announce the much-awaited release of SingleCrystal 2.0 for Mac and Windows: a powerful tool for understanding diffraction properties of single crystals. This major new version adds X-ray and neutron diffraction support, to the existing electron diffraction (TEM) simulation. Virtual diffraction experiments include front-, back-plate and cylinder Laue techniques, plus traditional "Precession" patterns. Real diffraction experiments can also be analysed, and compared to simulated results. Diffraction images can now be moved, scaled and rotated. New screen tools allow precise measurement and easy, grid-based auto-indexing.

New CrystalMaker Website Launched

16 March 2010

Regular visitors may notice that our website has been refreshed with a new, wider format, with improved layout and typography, and a more logical and consistent design. We've also incorporated a new search system, which is available from every page. We think it's a great improvement on the old design - what do you think?

News Archive 2009

Royal Society of Chemistry Sponsor

7 December 2009

For the third year running we sponsored the Royal Society of Chemistry's Solid-State Chemistry Group, at their Christmas meeting in Milton Keynes, UK.

Exhibition in Boston

1 December 2009

We showed off our latest software at the Materials Research Society's 2009 Fall Exposition in Boston, MA. This was our sixth visit to MRS, and one of our most successful exhibitions. Attendees were wowed by the colour 3D graphics, beautifully rendered on our new 27-inch widescreen iMac display.

We Support Windows 7

29 October 2009

We are delighted to announce that the latest versions of CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal all run on Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system.

Welcome to Snow Leopard

28 August 2009

Our current Mac software runs natively on Apple's latest operating system, running on Intel processors and supporting the latest system technologies.

CrystalMaker Conjours 3D Colour Graphics

12 May 2009

Major new versions of CrystalMaker for Mac and Windows feature spectacular "out-of-the-screen" 3D graphics - now in colour!

Exhibition in Glasgow

5 May 2009

We travelled to Glasgow ("Scotland with Style") and exhibited at the 2009 Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD) - an event sponsored by the International Centre for Diffraction Data.

Exhibition in San Francisco

14 April 2009

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Spring National Exposition in San Francisco.

Continued Support for UK Crystallography

2 January 2009

For the fourth year running we are sponsoring the British Crystallographic Association, as a 2009 Corporate Member. We also supported the association by exhibiting at their Spring meeting, held at the University of Loughborough, in Eastern England.

News Archive 2008

Sponsorship for Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Group

8 December 2008

For the second year running, we sponsored the Royal Society of Chemistry's Solid State Group, at its annual meeting, held at the University of Southampton.

Exhibition in Boston

5 December 2008

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Fall National Exposition in Boston, MA.

CrystalMaker 2.1 for Windows

25 August 2008

Major new versions of CrystalMaker and SingleCrystal for Windows deliver live rotation of diffraction patterns, support for new file formats - and a great new interface.

Exhibition in Philadelphia

23 May 2008

CrystalMaker Software Ltd exhibited at the American Chemical Society's 2008 Fall Meeting, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

CrystalMaker 8.1 for Mac

9 May 2008

This major new version of CrystalMaker features a live-rotation link with SingleCrystal, support for ATOMS, Molfile and SDfile formats, new best-fit plane calculation - with easy angle measurement, and much more. Even better - it's free to registered CrystalMaker 8.0 users.

Flexible, Low-Cost Site Licensing

18 April 2008

We announce the launch of a new site licensing scheme that offers unprecedented flexibility - and low cost.

Exhibition at the University of York

1 April 2008

We were proud to be a supporter and exhibitor at the British Crystallographic Association's 2008 Spring Meeting, held at the University of York, in Northern England.

CrystalMaker features on MacBreak

22 February 2008

Kiki Sanford interviews David Palmer for Macbreak, at the CrystalMaker Software booth, during Macworld 2008. Watch it in high-definition video...

Exhibition at MRS in San Francisco

22 January 2008

The new CrystalMaker was prominently displayed at the MRS Spring Meeting 2008 in San Francisco.

CrystalMaker 2.0 for Windows

8 January 2008

CrystalMaker for Windows receives a major overhaul, with a sleek new interface, including window sidebar and re-engineered Overview palette. Key new features include depth profiling as well as the 100-or-so new features shared by the new Mac version.

CrystalMaker 8.0 for Leopard and Tiger

7 January 2008

This brand new version of CrystalMaker sports a new interface, and over 100 new features. Some of the most significant of these are dynamical visualization of crystal structures, animation, instant movie generation, full-screen working, supercells and automatic label positioning. Mac fans will be pleased to find support for new system technologies such as Cover Flow, Quick Look and Spotlight.

CrystalMaker stars at Macworld Expo!

3 January 2008

Following our recent Apple Design Award, we were invited to exhibit the brand new CrystalMaker 8.0 at Macworld.

Continued Support for UK Crystallography

2 January 2008

For the third year running we are providing financial support to the British Crystallographic Association, as a 2008 Corporate Member.

News Archive 2007

Royal Society of Chemistry Sponsorship

20 December 2007

We are pleased to have been able to support the recent Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Group meeting, held at the University of Durham.

Materials Research in Boston

28 September 2007

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's Fall National Meeting 2007 in Boston, MA.

Exhibition at ACS Fall Meeting

22 August 2007

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Fall National Meeting, held in the sparkling new Boston Convention Center in the Waterfront District.

CrystalMaker Sponsors Frontiers Meeting

25 June 2007

We are proud to have been a major sponsor of the recent "Frontiers in Mineral Sciences" convention, in Cambridge, England: the first joint assembly of the Mineralogical Societies of America, Canada, Great Britain and France.

SingleCrystal Receives Apple Design Award

18 June 2007

SingleCrystal 1.3 has been selected for an Apple Design Award, as runner-up for the Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution. Awards were presented at WWDC07 in San Francisco.

Exhibition at BCA Spring Meeting

15 April 2007

We attended the British Crystallographic Assocation's Spring National Meeting, as both an exhibitor and a Corporate Member. We enjoyed meeting so many delegates, both at our exhibition stand, and informally.

Exhibition at Materials Research Society

27 March 2007

We exhibited at the Materials Research Society's 2007 Spring Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Apple "Inside the Image" with CrystalMaker

23 March 2007

CrystalMaker features on the Apple website in an illustrated article about the crystal structure of the zeolite mineral "faujasite". Read more about the visualization capabilities of CrystalMaker-for-Mac...

Welcome to Vista!

22 February 2007

We are pleased to announce that all CrystalMaker Software products now run on Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system!

CrystalMaker Supports UK Crystallography

26 January 2007

We are pleased to continue our sponsorship of the British Crystallographic Assocation, as a 2007 Corporate Member.

SingleCrystal for Windows

02 January 2007

Our Windows lineup is now complete as SingleCrystal 1.0 rolls off the production line, hand-in-hand with its sister product, SingleCrystal 1.3 for Mac OS X (Universal Binary).

News Archive 2006

CrystalMaker Birthday Update

11 December 2006

Major new versions of CrystalMaker for Mac and Windows are released, with free updates available to licensed users.

CrystalMaker in San Francisco!

18 September 2006

We exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Fall meeting, in San Francisco, CA - as special guests of Apple.

SingleCrystal 1.2

21 August 2006

A major new version of our single-crystal diffraction program lets you compare simulated patterns with observed images with drag-and-drop ease! The stereogram can now show symmetry-relations, with display of planes and zone axes, plus much more.

We Accept Euros!

17 July 2006

Ordering CrystalMaker products is now easier, with a choice of three major currencies for payment: U.S. Dollars, British Pounds Sterling and now Euros.

New Address

17 July 2006

We have moved to new offices on the Oxford University Begbroke Science Park. Our telephone and fax numbers have also changed.

CrystalDiffract for Windows

24 April 2006

Our x-ray/neutron powder diffraction software is now available for Windows XP/Vista, providing interactive simulation and analysis of diffraction experiments.

CrystalMaker in Atlanta and Lancaster

11 April 2006

CrystalMaker was exhibited at the American Chemical Society National Convention in Atlanta, GA - followed closely afterwards by an exhibition at the British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting in Lancaster, England.

CrystalMaker Goes Universal

06 February 2006

CrystalMaker 7.1 completes our triumvirate of Universal Binary applications. Major new features include depth profiling, multiple graphics formats for high-resolution output, auto-update checking and more...

CrystalMaker Sponsors the BCA

26 January 2006

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is very proud to sponsor the British Crystallographic Association (BCA), as one of their 2006 Corporate Members. A registered charity, the BCA shares the same fundamental goal as CrystalMaker Software Ltd: to make crystallography more accessible to the wider public...

New Year Brings Major Diffraction Upgrades

3 January 2006

Fresh for 2006 are two upgraded diffraction programs. SingleCrystal 1.1 features automatic update notification, thermal ellipsoid support, improved Stereogram drawer and an all-new user's guide. CrystalDiffract 5.1 has powerful new data browsers, with the ability to export custom-sorted datasets - and much more...

News Archive 2005

Auto-Update for Pro Digital Video

24 November 2005

We continue to update CrystalMaker-for-Windows, now featuring digital video recording, auto-generation of QTVR objects - plus auto update checking...

Thermal Ellipsoids Feature in Windows Update

03 October 2005

A mega update brings a whole slew of new features and improvements to our Windows version of CrystalMaker.

CrystalMaker 7 for Mac OS X

11 July 2005

After nearly three years of development, CrystalMaker 7 for Mac OS X provides spectacular new features including massive-structures visualization, display of thermal ellipsoids, custom-defined polyhedra - and a whole host of user interface and usability improvements.

CrystalMaker in Florida

08 June 2005

CrystalMaker Software Ltd exhibited at the American Crystallographic Association's National Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

CrystalMaker Cross-Platform Upgrades

12 April 2005

CrystalMaker Software Ltd have launched a new, cross-platform upgrade scheme. Users of the Mac version of CrystalMaker can now purchase a full copy of the new Windows XP version (and vice versa) - at a major discount!

CrystalMaker for Windows

05 April 2005

After ten years confined to the Mac platform, our software crosses the great platform divide - now available for Windows XP.

CrystalMaker in San Diego

21 February 2005

CrystalMaker Software Ltd exhibited at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Exposition. Some spectacular software was demonstrated, running on the latest, cool hardware from Apple.

CrystalDiffract: Very Versatile Visualization

18 January 2005

Three years after the launch of the last version, CrystalDiffract 5.0 delivers the biggest improvements yet with amazing versatility and endless customization...

SingleCrystal Now Shipping

10 January 2005

The full version of our single-crystal diffraction program provides unprecedented real-time simulation of diffraction patterns, reciprocal lattice sections and stereographic projections - with PDF graphics export...

News Archive 2004

CrystalMaker wins eCommerce Award

17 September 2004

CrystalMaker Software Ltd has won the 2004 South East England "eTrading" award, part of the UK regional eCommerce awards.

Explore The Elements

02 August 2004

Latest versions of CrystalMaker provide preset atomic, ionic and covalent radii sets, extensive customizability - and some beautifully-rendered Periodic Tables to download.

CrystalMaker at American Chemical Society

18 March 2004

CrystalMaker Software Ltd exhibited their software products at the American Chemical Society's Spring National Meeting, in Anaheim, CA.

Mega Structures Library

15 February 2004

CrystalMaker user Dr Yoshitaka Matsushita has released an all-encompassing "Chalcogenide" crystal structures library with nearly 10,000 structures - all in CrystalMaker binary format.

New Year - New Address

05 January 2004

We've moved to new offices, at the Oxford University Begbroke Science Park.

News Archive 2003

CrystalMaker 6.3: Power Tools and Shortcuts

20 October 2003

CrystalMaker 6.3 provides new tools, improved interface and menu layout, keyboard shortcuts - and a link to our SingleCrystal.

SingleCrystal: Public Beta 1

20 October 2003

A new program for exploring single-crystal diffraction and the reciprocal lattice - in real time. A time-limited (free) public beta version is now available - and we welcome your feedback!

User Forum Goes Live

25 July 2003

CrystalMaker and CrystalDiffract users now have their own user forum: a place to share ideas, find answers to questions, and develop a sense of community.

New Website Design

17 July 2003

We have relaunched the CrystalMaker website, with a clean new design incorporating easier navigation, extensively-revised content and even a search command.

CrystalMaker 6.2 is Fully Annotated

09 June 2003

CrystalMaker 6.2 includes professional-quality annotation with Unicode-savvy extended textboxes, new line and scalebar objects, plus live selection and resizing.

CrystalDiffract 4.1

06 March 2003

Major update brings drag-and-drop ease to mixture simulation, plus colourful peak overlay options, intelligent parameter control and instant startup.

CrystalMaker 6.1.1 Powers Ahead

21 February 2003

Powerful new versions of CrystalMaker provide killer features: auto format recognition and drag-and-drop opening of database files, plus support for multi-structure CIF files, mouse wheel structure control and dynamical menus.

CrystalMaker Gets Perfect Score!

21 January 2003

CrystalMaker 6.0.2 has been awarded a perfect, 5-mouse rating, by Macworld magazine (USA). Writing in the February 2003 issue, reviewer Charles Seiter praised the software for its ease-of-use, great performance and excellent use of OS X features.

News Archive 2002

CrystalMaker 6 for Mac OS X

24 September 2002

The most exciting release so far: a new version built exclusively for Mac OS X. Using new system technologies including Carbon Events and the Mach-O runtime model, CrystalMaker 6 gives you a whole new dimension in crystal visualization.

CrystalMaker 5.1

07 April 2002

The latest update to our crystal structures software includes significant improvements to the interface and new functionality.

CrystalDiffract 4 for Mac OS X

23 February 2002

A major new release of our powder diffraction software, built exclusively for Mac OS X with advanced new interface and usability features - plus the ability to save entire diffraction experiments and boost your productivity!

News Archive 2001

CrystalMaker Wins Eddy Award

11 December 2001

CrystalMaker 5 has been selected as one of the best Science/Engineering programs of the year, as part of the Macworld Editors' Choice 2001 awards.

CrystalMaker 5

27 August 2001

After two years of development time, completely rewritten using the latest "C" compilers, and our most powerful version so far.

CrystalDiffract 3.1

27 August 2001

New interface, reduced memory requirements, CrystalMaker 5 support - with import of site occupancies - and a second edition of the user's guide.

News Archive 2000

CrystalMaker 4.1

20 September 2000

Major upgrade brings JPEG graphics export, automatic web page creation and detailed analysis of local site environment. Available as a free update to CrystalMaker 4.0 customers!

Oz Soils Come Alive With CrystalMaker

19 September 2000

Interactive "Soil Science" CD-ROM uses CrystalMaker multimedia to teach clay structure and minerals.

CrystalMaker 4 Wins Critical Acclaim

07 April 2000

CrystalMaker 4 reviewed by, receives lavish praise for outstanding photo-realistic graphics, ease-of-use and the printed user's guide.

New Multi-User Licence Scheme Announced

15 February 2000

Is your group getting the most out of CrystalMaker licensing?

CrystalMaker Multimedia wins EuroPrix

12 February 2000

Starring role for Open University flagship geology course.

CrystalDiffract 3 launched

09 January 2000

The program has been redesigned to make x-ray and neutron powder diffraction easy and fun! A new "Professional Edition" brings experimental data analysis too.

News Archive 1999

CrystalMaker 4.0 Power Features

14 August 1999

The new CrystalMaker is much more than just a pretty face. We take a look at some of the key features behind the biggest-ever upgrade.

CrystalMaker 4 released at IUCr congress

12 August 1999

A major new version of CrystalMaker was formally launched at the International Union of Crystallography. We were there to celebrate in style on the banks of the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow.

CrystalMaker at Natural History Museum

Multimedia showcase in London's new multi-million pound gallery.

CrystalMaker Powers Web Elements

Another example of CrystalMaker on the web: Mark Winter's encyclopaedic resource uses first-class crystal graphics.

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