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Latest News
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Big Bang is Coming!

Early Autumn To Bring Explosion of New Software

3 August 2023

The biggest releases in our company's history are coming up fast on the horizon. As perfectionists, we want everything to be perfect for you, so we're keeping details brief at this stage, but here are some tantalising titbits:

  • CrystalMaker 11 with full crystal-energy modelling, dispersion curves, lattice dynamics...
  • CrystalDiffract 7 with Rietveld structure refinement made easy + comprehensive Phase ID
  • SingleCrystal 5 with crystal morphologies, 3D diffraction, instant auto indexing, DM3/DM4...

As the ONLY company writing true native Mac and Windows software(*) for all areas of crystallography, we can't wait to share these amazing products with you. Discerning conference goers can get previews in San Francisco and Melbourne.

Customer Care Guarantee: Buy CrystalMaker 10, CrystalDiffract 6 or SingleCrystal 4 now - and get free upgrades when the new software arrives in early Autumn! (Or even better, sign up for annual site licensing so you and your users are always up-to-date)

(*) Other vendors rely on crude, third-party emulators such as Qt, wxWidgets or Java to fake a user interface. It's slow, it's clunky, it's inefficient - and it's ugly! Why spend top money on new hardware when you're going to hobble it with such lazy bloatware? Or you could give your users a break and empower them with our genuine native software: it's a breath of fresh air that'll blow away the competition.

ACS Fall 2023 meeting icon

See us in San Francisco!

American Chemical Society, Fall National Meeting

3 August 2023

We continue our sponsorship of your favourite societies with a major exhibition at the American Chemical Society's Fall National Exposition. Scheduled for Monday 14 though Wednesday 16 August, the exhibition takes place at Moscone South, in downtown San Francisco. Present at the show will be two of our senior staff, founder and managing director, Dr. David Palmer, and finance director, Dr. Shirley Palmer.

Come visit us at booth 650 and get an exclusive preview of CrystalMaker 11, CrystalDiffract 7 and SingleCrystal 5. And we have some very-attractive early-bird offers to whet your appetite... Show hours are:-

Monday August 1411 am - 5 pm
Tuesday August 1511 am - 5 pm
Wednesday August 1610 am - 2pm
ACS Fall 2023 meeting icon

See us Down Under!

International Union of Crystallography, Melbourne

3 August 2023

We are proud to be the first exhibiting sponsor at the IUCr convention, scheduled for 22-27 August in Melbourne, Australia.

We've been supporting IUCr since last century (Glasgow, 1999), early in our company's history. We continue to sponsor the IUCr through their meetings and online advertising - and we were the very-first company to sign up to the Melbourne exhibition.

As is typical of IUCr meetings, this is a long show. Events kick off with a reception on Monday 22 August, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (a.k.a. "Jeff's Shed"). We'll then be exhibiting through Saturday 26 August. Come find us at the focal point of the exhibition hall, booth 35, next to the barrista!

This will be your chance to get a live preview of "Big Bang" - major new products across the line. Come see the most-spectacular 3D graphics, enhanced with real-time A.I.-powered "magic" hand tracking, on Apple's incredible 32-inch Pro Display HDR. And as with the ACS convention a week earlier, we'll be continuing our early-bird offers to keen show goers. Exhibition hours are:-

Tuesday August 227 pm - 9 pm ← Welcome Reception
Wednesday August 239 am - 4:30 pm
Thursday August 249 am - 4 pm
Friday August 259 am - 4 pm
Saturday August 269 am - 4:30 pm
Sunday August 27 (*)9 am - 4 pm

(*) Attendance not confirmed. Please visit us earlier in the week.

Recent News
MRS Spring 2023 meeting icon

ECS Debut in Boston

Electrochemical Society, Spring Meeting

5 June 2023

Last month we made our debut with the Electrochemical Society, exhibiting at their 243rd meeting in Boston. The event was held in the Hynes Convention Center, in the heart of Boston's Back Bay District, and was spread over three days. We were able to meet a new spectrum of users and preview new software.

MRS Spring 2023 meeting icon

Exhibition in San Francisco

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

27 March 2023

We were pleased to continue our sponsorship of the Materials Research Society, exhibiting at their 50th Anniversary exhibition, held in Moscone West, San Francisco.

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