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Latest News
ACS Fall 2022 meeting icon

Exhibition in Boston

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting

6 December 2022

We recently returned from our 29th MRS convention! This was the Fall National Exposition, held at the Hynes Convention Center, in Boston's genteel Back Bay District. the conference was vibrant and well attended, with three times the number of delegates compared to last year. It was great to meet so many existing users at the show - thank you for stopping by our booth. We return to MRS in the Spring, for the society's 50th birthday celebrations in San Francisco.

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We Support Ventura!

Genuine Native Mac Software Supports Latest macOS

24 October 2022

We are pleased to confirm that all our latest software runs seamlessly on macOS 13 "Ventura".

Our 64-bit Mac programs are designed to support the widest range of Mac operating systems, from "Sierra" (10.12), through "High Sierra", "Mojave", "Catalina", "Big Sur", "Monterey" and now "Ventura".

Not only does our Mac software run on the latest operating systems, it runs natively: all our programs - CrystalMaker X, CrystalDiffract 6, SingleCrystal 4 and CrystalViewer 11 - are UNIVERSAL BINARY applications: containing both Intel and ARM code to support the widest range of Macs with older Intel processors and the newer Apple Silicon (M1, M2, etc.) designs.

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CrystalMaker 10.8

Major Update Features Smart Auto Rotation & Nano Spirals

26 September 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of a major new software update, CrystalMaker 10.8: our 43rd free update to this program in five years. This new version includes a plethora of usability enhancements - many requested by keen users - but also some critical new functionality.

  • Smart Auto Rotation Video allows you to define rotation axes relative to your structure rather than the screen. This means you can manually rotate a spinning structure - spinning about a specific unit cell direction, zone axis or chemical bond.

    The new rotation capabilities are built into a re-designed spin popover (click-and-hold the mouse on the toolbar's Spin button, or choose the new Transform > Spin > Adjust Spin menu command).

  • Nano Spirals. A redesigned Bend Selection interface lets you enter a radial offset between the start and end of a "bend", thereby defining a nano-scale spiral instead of a nano-tube.

  • New View Commands. New commands have been added to view the structure parallel to, or perpendicular to, an existing selection: atoms, bonds or a general selection.

  • Other Changes include calculation of the mean distance from a plane, faster "speedy sync", more-responsive popover display and revised three-body potentials.

CrystalMaker 10.8 is a free update for all licensed CrystalMaker X users and can be downloaded directly from the product download page.

Recent News
ACS Fall 2022 meeting icon

Exhibition in Chicago (again)

American Chemical Society Fall Meeting 2022

6 September 2022

Following our earlier foray to "The Windy City" in March, we recently returned to Chicago for a second conference: the American Chemical Society's Fall National Exposition - held, once again, at the vast McCormick Place Convention Center (the world's biggest, apparently).

Unlike March's arctic blasts off Lake Michigan, August's weather was was warm and humid, with the occasional torrential downpour. The sunnier days were spent exhibiting, and it was a pleasure to meet so many new faces - in person. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

M&M 2022 icon

Exhibition in Portland

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2022

8 August 2022

CrystalMaker Software Ltd made its first appearance at the "M&M" meeting, previewing exciting new software at the Portland Convention Center, in the Pacific North West. The meeting started with a heatwave, but all was cool in the exhibition hall, where we were able to meet many existing users and showcase the synergy between our visualization and diffraction simulation software.

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Exhibition in Hawai'i

Materials Research Society, Spring Meeting

17 May 2022

We were delighted to exhibit our software at the Materials Research Society's Spring meeting in Honolulu. The exhibition started with an evening event on Monday 9 May and ended after lunch on Wednesday 11 May. This was a fascinating event that brought in delegates from various Pacific Rim societies, leading to a successful fusion of good science, blended with Hawaiian warmth and cheer. Thanks to everyone - new, existing and potential customers - who visited our booth!

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Exhibition in San Diego

American Chemical Society, Spring Meeting

1 March 2022

Our intrepid exhibition team crossed the continent from frigid Chicago to warm, sunny San Diego. We had a prominent booth on the main aisle of the exhibits hall and were open from Monday 21 through to Wednesday 23 March. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed a bit of sunshine on the rooftop terrace to visit us in the dark depths of the exhibition hall!

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Exhibition in Chicago

American Physical Society, March Meeting

1 March 2022

We braved Chicago's frigid temperatures and bitter wind to exhibit at the American Physical Society's March Meeting. The exhibition was located in the McCormick Place convention centre, in the South Loop neighbourhood of Chicago, and ran from Monday 14 through to Thursday 18 March.

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