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Free download for Mac or Windows, lets you visualize CrystalMaker 9 crystals or molecules.

This free viewer is provided as a way for CrystalMaker 9 customers to share their structures with students and others. It offers similar high-quality graphics, plus distance and measurement tools, multi-touch control (Mac) and the ability to view crystal lattices along specific lattice vectors or plane normals. Please refer to the program's Help menu for online help.

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Beyond the Viewer

Purchasing CrystalMaker lets you build, optimize, engineer new materials - as well as empowering you to visualize existing materials in greater depth than ever before. Take advantage of publication-quality graphics, animation, video, 3D export and much, much more...

NEW! 3D Printing Support - save any displayed structure as an STL file, as supported by most 3D printers.
PLUS: view your structures on an iPad, using our COLLADA 3D export option - works great with iBooks!

Educators: Take advantage of our low-cost site licences for Mac and Windows.

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CrystalViewer™ is intended for use on personal machines only. For institutional teaching, including creation of new structural models, graphics and video, please purchase an educational Site Licence.

CrystalViewer™ may not be sold, leased or otherwise re-distributed. Use for promotional and/or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. (Please contact CrystalMaker Software Ltd to discuss extended licensing options, including textbook publishing).

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