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Whilst many scientific software programs claim to run on Mac and Windows, few of them are native. Here's why that matters, and why we do things differently.

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Genuine Native Software. We are professional software developers, registered with Apple and Microsoft and using their official tools to develop real, 100% native software for each platform (including the latest Apple Silicon and Intel processors).

Unlike "cross-platform" apps used by other vendors - which rely on third-party emulators such as Qt, wxWidgets or Java to fake a user interface - our applications are coded at the lowest-possible level to work directly with the operating system. This guarantees maximum synergy - full access to all OS features - blistering multi-core performance, maximum graphics acceleration and superior usability.

We Love Mac. Because we write true Mac software, we're able to offer the best-possible performance out of your existing hardware, with the superlative user experience you expect from a properly-written Mac application.

...Simple things like high-DPI "Retina" graphics, drag-and-drop, multi-touch, haptic feedback ("feel your atoms"), Apple Events, document thumbnails, QuickLook previews, full-screen mode, QuickTime video... Not to mention a security-compliant sandboxed application, with hardened runtime, that's officially notarized by Apple. It all adds up to a better user experience that fully justifies your choice of the Mac platform.

Take advantage of our award-winning original designs (much imitated; never equalled), intuitive interfaces, integrated workflow, first-class support - and regular, free incremental updates.


Smart Teaching Materials

Universal Binaries - run natively on Apple Silicon and Intel


Crystal & Molecular Modelling


Interactive Powder Diffraction

CrystalDiffract: Your desktop diffractometer


Multi-Phase Diffraction

New SingleCrystal 4: explore diffraction space
Crystal & Molecular Structures: Modelling and Diffraction

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Featuring an easy drag-and-drop workflow, our elegant interfaces maximize your productivity and empower you to "see the wood for the trees" and understand the nano-scale world: it's crystallography without the pain. LEARN MORE...

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