Company History

From 1994 to the Present

September: CrystalMaker 10.8 update with smart auto-rotation & nano-spirals
December: CrystalMaker 10.7 update with pair distribution functions
May: CrystalMaker 10.6 for Windows update with disordered sites visualization
March: CrystalDiffract 6.9 update with support for M1 Macs
January: CrystalViewer 11 released as standalone 64-bit app with low "pandemic pricing" for teachers
December: CrystalMaker 10.6 update with support for M1 Macs
November: SingleCrystal 4.1 update with support for M1 Macs
October: Deluxe colour "print-on-demand" User's Guides now available for purchase worldwide
April: CrystalMaker 10.5 update featuring "Live Intensity Mode" with SingleCrystal 4
March: SingleCrystal 4.0 released with an all-new multi-pattern 64-bit Cocoa/.NET design
July: CrystalMaker Software Ltd sponsors the Mineralogical Society of America's Centennial celebrations
March: CrystalMaker 10.4 update featuring "Dark Mode" & redesigned structures library
February: CrystalDiffract 6.8 update with "Live Diffraction Mode"
July: CrystalMaker 10.3 update with "Cavity Finder", faster and smoother surface visualizations
June: CrystalMaker YouTube channel established, featuring first video tutorials
March: CrystalMaker 10.2 update with more-powerful volumetric data visualization
January: SingleCrystal 3.1 update with Miller-Bravais indices & rapid-orientation control
November: CrystalMaker 10.1 update with extensive user-interface changes
October: CrystalDiffract 6.7 update: works with CrystalMaker 10
June: SingleCrystal 3.0 released with CIF import, faster performance, overlay tools & auto-indexing
June: CrystalMaker 10.0 released with all-new 64-bit Cocoa/.NET & integrated CrystalViewer
June: CrystalDiffract 6.6 update with 64-bit precision & Fast Parameter Mode
June: CrystalViewer 9.2 update
June: CrystalMaker 9.2 update with Vector-Field import, TOPAS & DMol3 file import
April: CrystalDiffract 6.5 for Windows update with all-new 64-bit .NET architecture
April: CrystalDiffract 6.5 for Mac update with "Yosemite" interface & Preferred Orientation simulation
October: CrystalViewer 9.1 update
October: CrystalMaker 9.1 update with Add Hydrogens command & generation of custom polyhedra
April: CrystalViewer 9.0 released as a free viewer app for teacher & students
April: CrystalMaker 9.0 released with energy modelling, vibrations explorer & crystal engineering tools
April: SingleCrystal 2.3 for Windows update
March: SingleCrystal 2.3 for Mac update with Retina Graphics & Multi-Touch control
October: CrystalDiffract 6.0 released with all-new 64-bit Cocoa (Mac) design
November: CrystalMaker 8.7 for Mac (2.7 Win) updates with Retina Graphics & new User's Guide
April: CrystalMaker 8.6 for Mac (2.6 Win) updates with File Favourites & progressive Undo
September: SingleCrystal 2.2 update with "Double Diffraction" visualization & performance improvements
July: CrystalMaker 2.5 for Windows update
June: CrystalMaker 8.5 for Mac update with cell transformations & H.264 video
November: SingleCrystal 2.1 update with realistic TEM diffraction simulation
November: CrystalDiffract 5.2 for Mac update
August: CrystalMaker 8.3 for Mac (2.3 Win) updates with Rotation movie & QTVR video output
March: SingleCrystal 2.0 released with Quartz Extreme graphics, XRD support & Laue simulation
May: CrystalMaker 8.2 for Mac (2.2 Win) updates with spectacular red/blue 3D stereo (in colour)
February: SingleCrystal 1.2 for Windows update
January: SingleCrystal 1.5 for Mac update with neater labelling & weighted reciprocal lattices
August: CrystalMaker 2.1 for Windows update
May: CrystalMaker 8.1 for Mac update with "Live Rotation" link with SingleCrystal
May: SingleCrystal 1.4 for Mac update with "Live Rotation" link with CrystalMaker
January: CrystalMaker 8.0 for Windows released with extensive UI improvements & new file formats
January: CrystalMaker 8.0 for Mac released with Spotlight, QuickLook, CoverFlow support
June: SingleCrystal 1.3 receives an Apple Design Award at WWDC San Francisco
January: SingleCrystal 1.3 update with zone axis export & high-resolution graphics
December: CrystalMaker 1.4 for Window update
November: CrystalDiffract 1.1 for Windows update
August: CrystalMaker Software Ltd moves into the new Centre for Innovation & Enterprise
August: SingleCrystal 1.2 for Mac update with display of observed & simulated data
March: CrystalDiffract 1.0 for Windows released at ACS in Atlanta
February: CrystalMaker 7.1 for Mac "Universal Binary" update, featuring fast depth profiling
January: CrystalDiffract 5.1 for Mac "Universal Binary" update.
January: SingleCrystal 1.1 for Mac update: a "Universal Binary" for Intel & PowerPC
November: CrystalMaker 1.3 for Windows update
October: CrystalMaker 1.2 for Windows update
July: CrystalMaker 1.1 for Windows update
July: CrystalMaker 7.0 for Mac OS X released with thermal ellipsoids & massive-structures visualization
March: CrystalMaker 1.0 for Windows XP released
January: CrystalDiffract 5.0 released with multi-pattern diffraction
January: SingleCrystal 1.0 for Mac released: reciprocal lattices, TEM diffraction & stereographic projections
November: CrystalMaker 6.3 gets rave review in J. Chem. Edu
September: CrystalMaker Software Ltd wins S.E. England eCommerce award. Shortlisted for National prize
March: CrystalMaker makes its debut appearance at the American Chemical Society
December: CrystalMaker Software Ltd moves to Oxford University's Begbroke Science Park
October: CrystalMaker 6.3 update with new tools for molecular crystals
July: CrystalMaker Software Ltd is formally registered as a Limited Company
June: CrystalMaker 6.2 update with smoothed graphics & editable text annotations
March: CrystalDiffract 4.1 update features drag-and-drop mixture simulation
February: CrystalMaker 6.1 update with auto-file format detection & dynamical menus
February: CrystalMaker 6.0 awarded a perfect "5-mice" rating by Charles Seiter in Macworld
September: CrystalMaker 6.0 released with all-new "Carbon" architecture, "Built for Mac OS X""
April: CrystalMaker 5.1 update with new "blank" bond styles and improved file import
February: CrystalDiffract 4.0 released with all-new "Carbon" architecture, "Built for Mac OS X"
December: CrystalMaker 5.0 wins an "Eddy" (Macworld Editor's Choice Awards)
August: CrystalMaker 5.0 for Mac released with new multi-window interface
September: CrystalMaker 4.1 update with web-page generation and JPEG graphics
April: CrystalMaker 4.0 reviewed in Macworld, awarded 4.5 "Mice"
March: CrystalDiffract 3.0 Pro for Mac released
August: CrystalMaker 4.0 for Mac released featuring 3D Stereo & Atom Vectors
February: CrystalDiffract 2.1 update with HTML-based online help
November: CrystalMaker 3.1 update - on CD-ROM - just in time for the first iMac!
April: CrystalMaker 3.0 for Mac OS 8 released
February: CrystalDiffract 2.0 for Mac released
  Nine free updates provided for CrystalMaker 2 for Mac
December: CrystalMaker 2.1 for Mac update
July: CrystalMaker 2.0 for Mac released
November: CrystalDiffract 1.0 for Mac released
May: CrystalMaker 1.1 update for PowerPC
November: CrystalMaker 1.0 for Macintosh released - on two floppy discs!
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