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Download CrystalMaker for Mac or Windows. Customers with paid-for licence codes can unlock the program's Full-Feature Mode. Prospective customers can use the free Demonstration Mode to try out the software: use the examples provided in the Library Browser that appears at startup; import your own data - or build a new structure.

Getting Started: If you are new to CrystalMaker X (this includes anyone upgrading from old versions: yes, it is that different) we recommend watching our new Video Tutorials. There's nothing like "learning through play", but we would recommend completing the two Self-Guided Tutorials, which you can access (in PDF form) via the program's Help menu. There you will also find a fully-comprehensive (searchable and indexed!) 400-page User's Guide plus online help.

CrystalMaker 10.8 for Mac

Universal Binary
runs natively on Apple Silicon & Intel

Mac Logo Universal Binary: runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs

Requires a Mac running macOS 10.14 "Mojave" to macOS 13.x "Ventura" (recommended)

Download CrystalMaker 10.8.3 for Mac
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Mac Users: Graphics Tip...

CrystalMaker X is designed to work "out of the box" with any Mac running macOS 13 "Ventura" back to macOS 10.14 "Mojave". Not only does it "run" - it runs natively on the latest M1 Apple Silicon, as well as older Intel-based processors.

Two graphics modes are provided: one, using the latest (for Mac) OpenGL 4.1 works with machines that have discrete graphics cards; the other, using OpenGL 3.2, is used for machines with Intel integrated graphics (most laptops) and is an option for other machines (e.g., older computers with graphics cards) if these prove to be incapable of handling the high-performance graphics rendering used in our software.

Use the Graphics pane of the Preferences panel (CrystalMaker > Preferences) to toggle "use latest graphics" on or off.

Designed for present and future systems. CrystalMaker X is a workstation-class application designed to offer superlative performance and breathtaking graphics on modern hardware. Please don't be disappointed if you try to run this state-of-the-art program on an old operating system or Mac: your system may not be able to do full justice to the power of the application.

We strongly recommend updating to recent hardware and keeping fully up-to-date with Apple system software.

CrystalMaker 10.8 for Windows

For 64-bit Multi-Core
Windows Computers

Windows 11 Logo 64-bit

Requires a 64-bit PC with an OpenGL 3.2-capable graphics card (with latest drivers installed), running Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 and .NET Framework 4.6 or later.

Download CrystalMaker 10.8.2 for Windows
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Windows Users: Before You Install...

Before You Install, please:-

  1. Update your graphics drivers.

  2. Check you're installing for the intended user.

  3. Turn off Microsoft OneDrive during installation.

  4. Turn off "Webroot Anti Virus" software.

Update Graphics Drivers

CrystalMaker X provides workstation-class performance through its highly-optimized multi-core design and advanced OpenGL support. As such, it is imperative that graphics drivers are kept fully up-to-date (particularly if your machine's operating system has been updated).

The vast majority of technical issues reported to us turn out to be related to bugs in graphics card drivers - and updating the driver software invariably fixes these as if by magic.

Because graphics cards are supplied by third parties, you cannot rely on the Windows Software Update mechanism to do this - or your control panel. Instead, you should visit the graphics card manufacturer's website to download the latest drivers for your machine.

Install for the Correct User!

Unless you are going to be using the software as the Admin User, do not log in as the Admin User to install the software; simply log in to your usual user account, and install the software for yourself.

(By default, the software is installed for the active user only; they will be prompted to enter an Admin password during the installation process.)

Multi-User Installation Script

If you have a Site Licence and wish to deploy the software via a command script, please contact us directly. Please note that Group licences MUST be installed by the intended end users themselves, not by an IT operative.

Turn off "OneDrive" During Installation

Some users have reported permissions-related errors when using Microsoft OneDrive; a few others have had issues with the "Webroot" Anti Virus package. These are both system-related issues. If you encounter installation errors, please disable "OneDrive" during installation; you should then be able to re-enable this once installation is complete.

Turn off "Webroot Anti Virus"

Some users have reported spurious errors when using the latest release of "Webroot Anti Virus". Please disable this software while you install CrystalMaker. You should then visit the vendor's website and follow their instructions for adding CrystalMaker to their list of allowed applications.

Using CrystalMaker 9 or earlier? You will need to purchase an upgrade to use this software. To download an older, unsupported version, please see our Legacy page.

Purchasing the full-feature version lets you:

  • Remove "Demo" version spoilers.
  • Save files and preferences.
  • Explore some 1200 annotated structures, ready for instant display
  • Export data in CIF, PDB, Chem3D and other formats.
  • Generate high-resolution, publication-quality graphics.
  • Generate rotatable 3D models for viewing on iPhone, iPad
  • Export STL files for 3D printing
  • Record video: animations, rotating structures, vibrational modes.
  • Share data with CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal.
  • Receive free technical support (registered customers only).

Scam Alert. Websites claiming to offer full downloads for CrystalMaker are scams! We don't authorize any third parties to distribute our software, and there is a high likelihood that stolen, hacked or malicious software is being offered. Please note that we are able to track illegal use of our software, so don't risk your computer system or your reputation (or that of your organisation).

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