Software Updates

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We provide regular updates to our software. These "0.y" or "0.0.z" version changes are free to licensed users of the current software and are strongly recommended: your software keeps getting better with new features, performance and bug fixes - all for free! However (as with most companies) software upgrades - first digit "x.0.0" version changes (e.g., version 9.y.z → version 10.y.z) - are not free, and will require payment of an upgrade fee.

Mac Logo Mac Universal: runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs

Software Updates for Mac

macOS 10.14 to 13.x "Ventura" • Intel & Apple Silicon

app icon CrystalMaker 10.8.3 for Mac UNIVERSAL NEW 28 Jun 2023
app icon CrystalDiffract 6.9.6 for Mac UNIVERSAL 6 Mar 2023
app icon SingleCrystal 4.1.9 for Mac UNIVERSAL 6 Mar 2023
app icon CrystalViewer 11.0.7 for Mac UNIVERSAL 21 Jun 2022
Windows 11 Logo 64-bit

Software Updates for Windows

Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

app icon CrystalMaker 10.8.2 for Win64 NEW 21 Jun 2022
app icon CrystalDiffract 6.9.4 for Win64 20 Sep 2022
app icon SingleCrystal 4.1.9 for Win64 20 Sep 2022
app icon CrystalViewer 11.0.5 for Win64 21 Jun 2022

Free CrystalMaker Demo. If you are not a licensed CrystalMaker user, you are welcome to download a free demonstration version of CrystalMaker, which includes crystal and molecule example files, and can also be used as a free viewer for CIF, PDB, ICSD and many other file formats.

Legacy Software

The following legacy software is provided as a service to our customers and may not run on newer operating systems. We reserve the right to remove older software from our website; it is your responsibility to maintain backups of any licensed software you have purchased.

Legacy 32-Bit Software for Mac

Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12 • Intel Only

app icon SingleCrystal 3.1.1 for Mac 25 Jul 2018
app icon CrystalMaker 9.2.9 for Mac 13 Jan 2017

Legacy 32-Bit Software for Windows

Windows XP (SP3) to Windows 10

app icon SingleCrystal 3.1.5 for Windows 21 Jun 2019
app icon CrystalMaker 9.2.9 for Windows 13 Jan 2017

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